About us

We all know life gets messy, and we’re here to help. At How 2 Remove Stains we provide our readers with clear, practical, step-by-step guidelines for stain removal.  

Whether you stained your favorite shirt while eating a juicy burger or your cat peed on your carpet, there are an infinite number of ways to ruin your home and belongings with unsightly stains. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to deal with stains, but we want to take the fear and confusion out of stain removal.

Even some of the toughest stains can be dealt with right at home, without bringing in the experts. How 2 Remove Stains provides you with a list of supplies and easy-to-follow steps, so you can fight your stains from the convenience of your own home.

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Our team

Our team of writers, designers, and editors spans the globe, so our advice can be relevant, no matter what kind of climate you live in.

Our founder Rolf Hansen used to always struggle with keeping his home clean and his belongings stain-free. When dealing with a new stain, he wished for a place he could come for stain removal advice that was not only easy to follow, but that was also trustworthy. After struggling to find such a place, he took matters into his own hands and created How2removestains.com.

Michael René, consultant, is the leading stain removal expert in Denmark. He teaches as a Food- and Cleaning expert at Metropolitan University College Copenhagen. He is a published author and is regularly featured giving expert advice and interviews for top Danish news sources such as Danmark’s Radio (dr.dk) and TV2 (tv2.dk). His areas of expertise include removing stains from clothing, keeping the kitchen spotless and bacteria free, and knowledge of sustainable cleaning practices and alternatives. He is also blogging about stains on his Danish website Pletvæk.dk

Examples from the media:

Laura is our editor and mother to two messy young children. She has experience fighting all sorts of stains imaginable. Laura enjoys spending time with her family outdoors where things tend to get muddy, sticky and grassy.

Julia is a writer and our resident cat (and dog) lady. In her early days she worked as a housecleaner before settling on a career in writing. So, she knows all the insider secrets to keeping a home looking spotless, even with multiple pets around.

Tom, writer, is also an avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast. In his free time, he like to spend a lot of days off in nature, whether it’s slinging his bow through the forest, or just being out on the fishing boat. No stranger to dirt and messes, Tom isn’t afraid to tackle stains on his own, and has learned some good tricks over the years.