Are electric pressure washers any good?

Are electric pressure washers any good?

An electric pressure washer uses electricity to pump high-pressure water on surfaces. They have gained popularity in recent years due to their ease of use and efficiency. Electric pressure washers make a good investment if you regularly perform heavy cleaning tasks.

Is an electric power washer worth it?

Electric power washer effectively and easily cleans dirty surfaces such as outdoor decks and driveways. Large spaces are quick to clear of soil and dirt buildup with an electric pressure washer. It is also a good choice if you want less noise and zero gas emission from a pressure washer.

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More cleaning in less time

Electric pressure washers have high PSI and GPM values. PSI stands for pound per square inch and indicates the amount of cleaning pressure.

GPM is gallons per minute or the amount of water that the unit produces for each minute. Higher values mean that the pressure washer cleans a lot more area in a shorter amount of time.

Built for heavy cleanups

Electric pressure washers usually come with an adjustable spray wand plus spare nozzles you can use interchangeably. These adjust the degree setting, depending on the type of cleaning task you’ll be doing.

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You can use low-pressure nozzles for distributing your soap or cleaning solutions on surfaces. You can also use high-pressure nozzles for deep or heavy-duty cleanups.

Less noise and zero gas emission

Electric pressure washers run on electricity, not fuel. This means there’s no fuel emission during operation. These are particularly good features if you live in a populated area.

An electric pressure washer is also a better buy when your neighbors’ houses are close to yours. You won’t have to deal with noise complaints from them and you can even operate it at night.

Benefits that make electric pressure washers a good buy

Electric pressure washers are not cheap. Depending on the features you’re getting, you’ll probably spend a significant amount. For many people, the price tag is worth it because of the following benefits:

  • They require less maintenance compared to gas-powered pressure washers.
  • They are effortless and easy to use. You simply flip the switch.
  • They are low on water use. They get rid of dirt fast so you use less water.
  • They are easy to carry and store. Gas-powered ones are heavy. Electric units are lighter.

Good uses for electric pressure washers

The versatility of an electric pressure washer means is can be put to so many good uses. Many people think pressure washers are only for cleaning driveways or patios, but they can be used lots of places.

BBQ grill cleanup

Cleaning up after a BBQ party can be tedious and tiring, but not if you use your pressure washer. Just lay out your cooking grate or warming racks and pressure wash them. They’ll be clean in no time.

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Gear cleanup

Use your electric pressure washer to clean your bikes after a good ride. You can also clean your lawn mower and other working tools with it. How about your trailer? Your pressure washer can quickly flush out any sediments that are stuck on it.

Vehicle cleaning

Cleaning your boat, car or truck is more fun and less of an effort when you use an electric pressure washer. You can also attach specific accessories, like brushes, that help with cleaning those dirty tires and undersides.

Frequently asked questions about using a pressure washer

How do you keep safe when using an electric pressure washer?

Electric pressure washers can pose some danger to the inexperienced. Keep safe by watching out for kinks and cracks on the wire of the washer to avoid electrocution. Inspect it more often if your pressure washer already has a good amount of wear and tear.

Remember not to point the spray nozzle to any body part on yourself or others. The pressure can cause tears or serious abrasions on the skin.

How do you store your electric pressure washer after use?

Follow these steps to store your pressure washer properly and safely:

  1. Remove the siphoning tube from any detergent or cleanser mixture tub you were using, then remove the tube from the pressure washer.
  2. Rinse off any detergent or cleanser residue from the washer.
  3. Let it spray on low pressure for about 2 minutes to clean the system.
  4. Turn it off and unplug it.
  5. Use the spray again until the system is empty of water.
  6. Disconnect the hose and the spray gun.
  7. Allow it to cool down while you pat dry the washer, the hoses and its wires.
  8. Once cooled and dry, make sure you wrap up the wire neatly, avoiding kinks that can cause damage to it.
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What are some disadvantages to having an electric pressure washer?

Although they’re cheap and generally effective, there are some drawbacks to buying an electric pressure washer instead of a gas-powered one:

  • Electric units are lower in power compared to gas-powered units. This means lower pressure too.
  • Electric washers have less durability compared with gas-powered washers.
  • Electric pressure washers use more delicate construction materials.
  • Your distance or scope of area is limited to the nearest power outlet.

Final thoughts

Electric pressure washers are good cleaning equipment. There are so many good uses for them. They make clean up easier and faster. Best of all, they’re quiet and they don’t smell like gas.

Are electric pressure washers any good?

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