How to remove bed bug stains from walls (+video)

Bed bugs can leave behind evident signs of infestation. You must be familiar with methods on how to remove bed bug stains from walls or other surfaces. The main signs are the bloodstains and droppings all over the bed, sheets, wooden furniture and even on the walls.

How to get bug stains off walls

When you want to get rid of bed bug stains from the wall, start by spraying water on the stain and gently scrub it with a rag or cloth. Another stronger solution is stain removal products with hydrogen peroxide.

Test on a smaller area to make sure it won’t cause discoloration.

Read further if you are in search of detailed techniques on how to remove bed bug stains from walls or other surfaces. 

Why do bed bugs leave behind unappealing stains?

One of the typical signs of the presence of bed bugs is the rust or brownish-red stains. You can find these in the angles of your mattresses, wooden frames of the bed, on upholstered furniture, fabric couches, curtains, carpets and even on the walls. 

Regardless of how frequently you clean, wash and vacuum, you will continue to see these stains as long as the bed bugs are around. Let us take a look at the reasons why bed bugs leave stains behind.

  • Bed bugs require large blood meals to complete their life cycle stages. 
  • After a feeding session, droppings or fecal matter are left behind on surfaces that they hide in.
  • The droppings and absorbed blood can cause brown-reddish tinges on the linen.
  • The bed bugs abandon their external shells and molt throughout it life phases. You can find the rust-colored debris or exoskeleton on your bed, furniture and even inside electrical outlets.
  • When the bed bugs hatch, they leave behind discarded shells. These eggs are coated with an adhesive material that keeps them glued on to surfaces and can also stain bedclothes, sheets, and upholstery.
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Techniques on how to remove bed bug stains from walls

It is important to note that bed bugs favor wood and textile over metal and plastic since they can readily hide in crevices and cracks in these surfaces. Let us take a look at some techniques that can eliminate the bed bug stains on the walls.

  • Spray water over the location of the stains on the wall. Gently scrub the site with a rag or cloth to remove the stain marks.
  • A variety of commercial stain removal products can get rid of stains from wooden walls. Some of these products include hydrogen peroxide that can effectively clean the stains. If this product is used, test first on a conceal area since it might cause discoloration. 
  • A combination of oxalic acid and water also works effectively in eliminating the rust-colored stains. Remember that oxalic acid is corrosive so it is vital to wear gloves. The solution will also lighten the appearance of wood, so you have to utilize sandpaper to rub down the area to match it with the surrounding color. 
  • Mix baking soda and water to create a paste. Dab this paste on the stains on the wall. Dab with tissue and allow to air dry.

Do bed bugs leave blood stains on walls?

Bed bugs are oftentimes driven deep into houses by the weather conditions outside. They are likely to nest in the walls. Remember that it is true that bed bugs will try to probe deep inside the walls via cracks and the spaces around baseboards. 

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Some bed bugs are known to use the walls as a place to live when they are not feeding. Crevices and cracks especially gaps between the wall and the baseboard are suitable hiding spots for bed bugs. Once they are hungry, they will crawl down the walls and go to your bed. 

The droppings of bed bugs will not smear if left on surfaces that will absorb it. The droppings on fabric are readily absorbed and leave behind a black stain. Since bed bugs can also thrive in wooden furniture, electronics, sideboard or even on the walls, any droppings on these surfaces appear as small, smooth darkened black balls. If rubbed, they will surely smear. Nevertheless, it might have dried up entirely by the time you discover it which is usually solid. 

Video: 4 ways to clean bed bug stains from walls

Do bed bugs always leave stains?

Once there is an infestation of bed bugs, they leave behind blood stains on blankets, mattresses, sheets, pillowcases, furniture, box springs, carpets, molding and even on the walls. 

These stains might be red but they usually appear tan or brown most of the time. Significant staining is often linked with areas of infestation. If you find brown stains on the couch pillows, you should also see black droppings and eggs. 

What does bed bug poop look like on walls?

In severe cases of bed bug infestations, the droppings are not only found in the bed. In a heavily infested room, you can find droppings on the carpet, along the wall edges, behind the headboard and anywhere else they can hide. Once you suspect an infestation, check all these areas thoroughly for stains. 

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As the bed bugs feed, they leave behind droppings of the digested blood. While they are wet, these droppings are still dark red in appearance. They dry up rapidly and turn dark rust or even black. 

What is the black stuff bed bugs leave behind

The black stains that bed bugs leave behind are bloodstains. Bed bugs leave behind droppings after they feed, so what you find is probably your partially digested blood. If you find these droppings right after they are caused they are still red or a mixture of red and black.

How to remove bed bug poop on wood

Various commercial stain removers can help eliminate stains from wood. Products which include hydrogen peroxide can also be useful for cleaning bed bug poop stains from walls. When you use hydrogen peroxide you should be aware that it can discolor the wood. So start by treating a small area.

Final thoughts

Bed bugs can leave behind undesirable stains on the walls, linens and other surfaces, especially in severe cases of infestation. With the help of the various techniques on how to remove bed bug stains from walls, you can easily get rid of the unappealing blood stains and dropping marks from the walls in no time. 

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