How to remove bleach stains from carpets

how to remove bleach stains from carpets

Carpet is a common feature in many homes these days. Unfortunately, the cozy floor-warmer is very susceptible to stains. One of the most annoying stains – bleach! What do you do if you accidentally spill bleach on your carpet? What is the process for removing it? Is it possible? 

Remove bleach stains from carpet by first, soaking up as much of the bleach as possible. Then clean the area with a dish soap and water solution or a vinegar and water solution. Afterwards you can use crayons or hair dye to recolor the area.

Different ways to remove bleach stains from carpets

Although bleach works wonderfully to remove nasty stains you got while eating spaghetti, drinking coffee, or removing the dirt from your favorite dress, it can also leave stains behind itself. If you accidentally spill it on your carpet, it will create a stain, but immediate action will minimize the damage. To help you, here are the different ways to remove bleach stains on your favorite carpet.

Remove bleach stains with detergent and water

If you accidentally pour bleach on your carpet, you can still save its color by acting quickly. Here is how to remove bleach stains from carpets using regular detergent and water.

  1. Use a cold, damp towel to soak up all the liquid bleach from your carpet. Squeeze it and blot the affected area.
  2. Press the fabric with uniform motion, and do not scrub. It will worsen the stain.
  3. After the cloth absorbs the stain, mix liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water in a cup. You can also use distilled water and vinegar as a substitute.
  4. Put your water and dish soap solution on the stain.
  5. Wait for ten minutes and get a clean sponge to blot the wet area.
  6. You need to use cold water when removing the leftover bleach.
  7. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.
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Remove Bleach Stains Using Dish Soap

  1. The moment you see the bleach stain, blot it with a paper towel and water. Don’t make the stain worse by rubbing in the bleach.
  2. Mix one cup of warm water with a quarter tablespoon of mild dish soap.
  3. Put the solution in the bleach stain, and for 5 minutes, let it sit.
  4. If the bleach stain has dried up, use a sponge or cloth to rub it, working the stain from the outside to the inside
  5. Use cold water to rinse your carpet and let it dry.

Recoloring the Bleach Stain

Find your long-forgotten art supplies. Crayons can actually help restore the color to a bleached area. Check your collection and look for a color that is similar to your carpet’s fibers. You will then color in the bleach carpet area and after blend it in with the surrounding carpet.

  1. Press a wet paper towel on the area, making it slightly damp
  2. Use the matching crayon you found to color the bleached area.
  3. Make sure that you prioritize the base of the fibers and color only on the stain, avoiding the unbleached area.
  4. After coloring the bleached patch, it can result in a darker color than the rest of the area. To avoid this, use a damp towel to mix the color and spread it throughout the affected area.
  5. Work until the color has blended to the other area.
  6. If the spot was in an unnoticeable area, you could use interior paint. When applying a thin coat in the stain, it will be best to use a fine-tipped paintbrush.
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Common Questions About Bleached Stains

Will hydrogen peroxide bleach my carpet?

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful agent that can be a double-edged sword. It can help remove a stain on your carpet, but can also dye the carpet at the same time. Make sure to test the hydrogen peroxide on a small area of your carpet to see if it bleaches.

Although it may work as a quick remedy, in general, hydrogen peroxide is not a good idea for removing bleach stains on carpet, as it can damage your carpet fibers.

 How do I get my carpet back to the original color?

There are various ways to return your carpet to its original color. In addition to coloring the bleached area in with a crayon, you can also use hair dye. Find a dye that matches the carpet, rub it in, blend it and then use a hair dryer to blow it dry.

How do you clean up spilled bleach?

Bleach is corrosive and irritating to the skin, eyes, and even your lungs. Once you spill bleach, you need to clean it as quickly as you can to wipe it up and wash the area with soap and water afterwards. When it’s on a hard surface, it’s an easy process.

  1. Wear protective equipment like gloves when cleaning spilled bleach.
  2. Get a damp cloth, let it absorb the bleach on the floor. You can use a dishpan to carefully transfer it to the sink.
  3. Create a solution made of detergent and water.
  4. Use it to clean the leftover spilled bleach on the floor.
  5. Use a dry cloth to dry it. Making sure that the floor is dry can also avoid future accidents.
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The Bottom Line

Bleach does not have a color, and it does not transfer pigments. Instead, it is a color stripper that removes colors and tints. It may be difficult to remove the spilled bleach on the carpet if you do not know what to do or let it be for a long time. Anything you do to fix your carpet is a trial and error. But, fixing your carpet is not that hard, as long as you follow the processes, be cautious, and study the materials of your carpet or even the products that you are going to use.

how to remove bleach stains from carpets

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