How to remove breast milk poop stains

When it comes to breast milk poop stains, they can leave behind brightly-colored stains that can be hard to remove. For new parents out there, learning the ways on how to remove breast milk poop stains is important especially when you discover unsightly stains on your baby’s clothes. Read further to learn ways on how to remove breast milk poop stains.

Steps on how to remove breast milk poop stains

If one of your baby’s clothes ends up with breast poop stains, it is vital to act immediately or it will become a stubborn stain. Let us now take a look at the steps on how to remove breast milk poop stains.

  • Utilize baby wipes to get rid of as much poop from the garment. 
  • Rinse off the leftover mess with warm water. Do not rub excessively. 
  • Follow up by laundering in a washer together with the heavy-duty setting or the hottest cycle. 
  • In case the garment has leftover stains, simply re-wash it but include bleach or hydrogen peroxide to the cycle. 
  • Toss the garment into a dryer when the poop stain has been completely removed. 

Useful tips on getting rid of stubborn breast milk poop stains

With the help of these tips, it can help save your baby’s garments that have been stained. 

  • Do not allow the stain to sit and deal with the spot right away. If the stain is left to dry, it will be difficult to remove. 
  • Wash out the stain thoroughly using room-temperature water from the other side of the fabric to prevent it from embedding deep into the fabric fibers.  
  • Avoid using a brush to scrub on the area since it might wear down the fabric. 
  • You can utilize a pre-treatment product after rinsing the garment such as OxiClean. 
  • Allow the pre-treatment product to soak up into the garment based on the instructions. If the garment is washed immediately, the stain remover will only be washed off. 
  • Do not allow the garment to dry until the stain is completely gone. Take note that heat will set the stain, making it even harder to remove or even permanent. 
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How do you get baby poop stains out of clothes?

For new parents out there, it is vital to learn ways on how to remove baby poop stains on clothes. Always remember to soak the stained garment in cold water. If hot water is used, it will bake the stain into the fabric which makes it harder to remove.

  • Check the fabric care label first. It is important to figure out the cleaning recommendations but if the fabric is fragile, it is best to perform a quick patch test as well.
  • Rinse the stained garment in cold water. The ideal period for rinsing might vary but if the fabric has been stained for some time, it requires a longer soak. Ideally, this must be done under running water since its force will help remove the stain particles.
  • After soaking, apply a small amount of detergent on the area. It is recommended to use a detergent with a formulation that is suitable for sensitive baby skin.
  • Wash the garment in a washer after pre-treating the stain. Utilize the highest temperature based on the fabric care label since this will help get rid of any bacteria. Do not allow the garment to dry after washing if a trace of the stain lingers. You can repeat the previous steps until the stain is completely gone. 
  • Take note that sunlight is one of the recommended natural stain removers. After washing the garment, place it outside under the sun to dry naturally. 

How do you get baby poop out of a mattress?

When your baby unexpectedly poops on the mattress, maybe either a leak or in instances when you are not prepared to catch one, the mattress should be cleaned. Remember that the earlier the mattress is cleaned, the better. 

  • Wear plastic gloves. Pick up any leftover poop using paper towels and place them in a plastic bag. Tie securely the plastic bag and discard it properly. 
  • The soiled area in the mattress must be sprayed with a carpet cleaner product or any cleaning agent, ideally one that is enzyme-based. The reason for this is that it will be more effective in eliminating the brownish stain on the mattress. Leave in place for up to 10 minutes. 
  • Utilize some old rags to soak up the stain and cleaning product. You might need to press down and move the rag to scrub the area. Repeat for another round until the stain completely vanishes. 
  • Cover the area with vinegar and let it sit for up to 10 minutes. Vinegar will help get rid of any lingering odor. Use clean rags to absorb some of the vinegar after.
  • Bring the mattress outside if possible to air dry. This is the ideal way to ensure that the mattress will smell fresh after cleaning. If this is not doable, set up some fans and open the bedroom windows. 
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Why does breastfed baby poop stain

For most parents out there, they are well aware that poop from breastfed babies can be hard to remove. The bright yellow breastfed baby poop stains are the most stubborn to eliminate on fabrics. 

When dealing with this type of stubborn stain, it is recommended to pre-soak the stained garments and wash in warm water with a detergent such as OxiClean. In some cases, it might be best to expose the stained fabrics under the sun after rinsing in cold water and throwing in a washer once the stains completely fade. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to breast milk poop stains, they are considered as the most stubborn stains to deal with. With the help of the methods on how to remove breast milk poop stains discussed, you can effectively get rid of the stains and restore the stain-free appearance of your baby’s clothes. 

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