How to remove bug spray stains from vinyl siding

The majority of bug sprays or pesticides in the market strongly caution against spraying on the unprotected siding. Your vinyl siding can end up with unappealing bug spray stains that can be hard to remove. Although there is no guarantee that you can restore the pristine appearance of your siding, there are a few cleaning techniques you can try. Read further to learn how to remove bug spray stains from vinyl siding.

Steps on how to remove bug spray stains from vinyl siding

Once you decide to get rid of the unappealing bug spray stains on your vinyl siding, you can choose from a few products such as “Simple Green House & Siding Cleaner”, “Totally Awesome” or “Heavy Duty Fantastik”. 

  • Apply a liberal coating of the cleaning product you have chosen on the surface of the stained area. 
  • Scour the site with a scrub brush. When dealing with old bug spray stains, allow the cleaner to sit on the stain so that it is fully saturated. 
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water. If a hose is available, it will work best, but a bucket will also work. Don’t forget to remove any run-off that might stain the areas below.
  • Leave the area to dry fully.
  • Once the site is rinsed and fully dries, inspect for any lingering stains. If the stain lingers, repeat the steps above, and use another cleaning product.
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A close look at the recommended cleaning solutions you can use

  • A solution that includes 70% water and 30% white vinegar will work as the ideal all-purpose cleaner for vinyl siding that can eliminate minor mold and mildew marks.
  • For a potent concoction, mix 1/3 cup of laundry detergent in powder form, one-quart liquid laundry bleach, 2/3 cups household cleaner in powdered variant, and one gallon of water.
  • If you are worried about the landscaping, go for a vinyl siding cleaner solution that includes one gallon of water with a cup of oxygen bleach. The oxygen bleach will clean the siding without damaging the landscaping.
  • Simple Green offers an environmentally-friendly product that is specifically formulated to be used on vinyl and aluminum siding as well as terra cotta roof tiles, stucco, and painted wood.
  • Some general household cleaners such as Fantastik, Lysol, Windex, and Murphy’s Oil Soap can be used to deal with stubborn dirt and stains.


How do you get rid of bug spray stains?

For those who use bug spray at home, there might be instances when you accidentally spray it on the wallpaper or a wood surface. This can result in an unappealing bug spray stain that you should remove right away.

  • Wood. Combine dish soap in hot water and mix thoroughly to produce suds. Saturate a cloth with the suds and apply directly to the stained area. Rinse the site using a clean cloth moistened with clean water. Wax or polish the surface right away.
  • Wallpaper. Wipe the site with a sponge or cloth moistened with cool clean water. Overlap the strokes to prevent streaking. Dry by gently patting the site with a clean cloth or towel.
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Do bug spray stains wash off?

When you end up with bug spray stains on fabrics such as cotton, polyester, linen or spandex, you can readily eliminate any stains by following these steps.

  • Sponge the site with a dry-cleaning solvent. 
  • Dab a dry spotter to the stain. Place an absorbent pad that has been moistened with the dry spotter over the stain. 
  • Change the pad once it soaks up the stain. Make sure that the stain and the pad are kept moist with the dry spotter. 
  • Rinse the site using a liquid dry-cleaning solvent.
  • If the stain lingers, sponge the site with water and dab a wet spotter together with a few drops of ammonia. Use an absorbent pad moistened with a wet spotter to cover the site. Switch to a new pad as it soaks up the stain. 
  • Flush with clean water and allow the site to dry.

How do I remove a pesticide stain from my vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is a popular choice by many homeowners due to its durability low maintenance requirements. Proper cleaning of the vinyl siding not only improves its appearance but also allows the siding to last longer. 

If you have siding made of vinyl, simply follow these steps.

  • Wipe the surface of the vinyl siding with a sponge or cloth soaked in a warm foamy solution with a few drops of ammonia. 
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly 
  • Dry the siding by wiping with a clean towel or cloth 

Final thoughts

With proper care and maintenance, your vinyl siding can last for a long time and look as good as new. Sadly, when you accidentally spray bug spray on the surface, it can result in unappealing bug spray stains that can be hard to remove. With the methods described on how to remove bug sprays from vinyl siding, you can readily keep your siding clean and free from undesirable stains.

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