How to remove coffee stains from carpet

How to remove coffee stains from carpet

To remove coffee stains from your carpet, mix one tablespoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and two cups of warm water. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the surface. Blot the stains until they disappear. Finish with a sponge and cold water. Leave it to dry afterward.

There’s no denying that coffee stains can be a bit unsightly to look at, especially if they end up on a light-colored carpet. If left unattended for weeks, or even just days, cleaning them up can be a nightmare.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get rid of all those coffee stains on your carpet for good. This how-to guide is designed to walk you through four easy steps. Let’s get started.

The dish soap and vinegar approach

What You’ll Need:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • A small container
  • A clean, dry cloth
  • A sponge
  • Paper towels
  • A vacuum cleaner

Steps to Follow:

Making the solution

  1. In a container, add two cups of water.
  2. Mix one tablespoon liquid dish soap with one tablespoon white vinegar.
  3. Make sure to mix the solution thoroughly for maximum effectiveness.
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In case you’re wondering, the dish soap is used for dissolving the coffee stain while the vinegar will help dislodge the coffee from your carpet’s fibers.

Applying the solution

Once the solution is ready, dampen a piece of clean cloth. Apply a little bit into the stain at a time, making sure that the coffee stain is blotted as much as possible. You want to start by blotting the sides of the stain. Once they start clearing up, you can then work your way toward the center. Make sure to re-moisten the cloth as you go.

Clearing the stain

After frequent blotting, you’ll start to notice the stains clearing up. Once this happens:

  1. Dampen your sponge with cold water to absorb the vinegar and dish soap solution.
  2. Blot the stained area dry using paper towels.
  3. Finish up by using a vacuum cleaner on the once-stained surface to get rid of any possible coffee residue.

As you can see, getting rid of coffee stains from your carpet is a really straightforward process. However, if your coffee contained cream, then the steps you have to follow can be a bit different. That’s because stains that contain dairy products are categorized as protein-based stains.

Using an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of coffee stains

Protein-based stains, also known as enzymatic stains can be a bit harder to remove than your regular coffee stains. Enzymatic stains are naturally-occurring plant and animal-based stains. Fortunately, there are enzymatic cleaners designed specifically for dealing with these types of stains and odors they cause.

Read here to learn more about enzymatic cleaners or follow this process to remove coffee and milk-based stains from your carpet.

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What You’ll Need:

  • Enzymatic carpet cleaner
  • A clean, dry cloth
  • Warm water
  • A small container
  • Baking soda

Steps to Follow:

First off, you’ll want to use an enzymatic carpet cleaner to remove protein-based stains. This type of stain is a bit harder to remove due to its stubborn and sticky nature.

If you don’t have an enzymatic cleaner, you can use a laundry detergent instead. Just make sure it contains enzymes. A good example is the Bioenzyme Power detergent from Arm & Hammer.

  1. In a container, mix one capful of the cleaner with one cup of warm water. Mix thoroughly.
  2. Dampen a clean, dry cloth to apply the cleaning solution to the stain. This will help break down the sticky cream, thus making cleaning a lot easier.
  3. Clean the area a bit at a time, blotting it with water until the stain starts to disappear.
  4. Sprinkle baking soda over any remaining stain to completely clean the surface.
  5. Remove with a damp cloth after a few minutes.
  6. Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up any lingering residue.

Frequently asked questions about coffee stains on carpet

How do I quickly remove old coffee stains from my carpet?

The process is similar to the one mentioned above. Just apply a mixture of liquid dish soap and vinegar to the stain using a clean, dry cloth then wipe with a sponge dampened in cold water afterward.

However, be aware that old coffee stains can be a bit harder to remove, so they will require extra time and effort.

Are coffee stains permanent?

Fortunately, coffee stains won’t stay permanently on your carpet. As long as you follow proper cleaning procedures, rest assured that you can get rid of them for good. You can remove coffee stains with a white vinegar and dish soap mixture or an enzymatic cleaner.

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What if I don’t have the household solutions mentioned above?

If you don’t have either vinegar, liquid dish soap, or baking soda, you can use a commercial carpet cleaner instead. You can find plenty of these products on the market, most of which are specially formulated to handle tough stains, including those caused by coffee.

If you want a natural enzyme cleaner for your carpet, we recommend the Life Miracle Natural Enzyme Cleaner.

What if I’m in a hurry. Can I leave the stains behind and clean them later?

Yes, you can. But before you do, make sure to sprinkle some salt on the stained surface before you leave. Basically, salt helps remove coffee stains by pulling moisture and any pigments responsible for the stain out of your carpet’s fibers.

However, this trick only serves as a temporary solution. Just make sure to clean up the stained surface properly as soon as you get home.

Your carpet will be back to new before you know it

Coffee stains can be stubborn. In some instances, you might have to repeat the cleaning process a few times before you can completely get rid of them. However, with the right materials and methods, you can confidently restore the pristine look of your carpet as if it hasn’t been stained with coffee in the first place.

Regardless of which cleaning option you follow, you can always expect the same, clean results.

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