How to remove coffee stains from Tervis tumbler

Since the introduction of Tervis tumblers back in 1946, they have been the preferred choice for their designs, lifetime warranties and superior ability to keep both hot and cold drinks at the right temperature for longer periods. These highly-durable plastic tumblers are safe to use in the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. If you want to maintain the clean and sleek appearance of your Tervis tumbler, there are ways to get rid of unsightly coffee stains. Read further to learn more about the methods on how to remove coffee stains from Tervis tumbler effectively. 

Techniques on how to remove coffee stains from Tervis tumbler

You might be surprised to learn that there are various techniques on how to remove coffee stains from Tervis tumbler successfully. A variety of household products you have at home can be used to clean and eliminate coffee stains on your Tervis tumbler. 

Baking soda

Baking soda is considered as one of the potent whitening agents and a common household product that you can use to get rid of coffee stains on your Tervis tumbler. 

  • Pour 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the base of your tumbler.
  • Add a few drops of water to create a paste. 
  • With a microfiber cloth, rub on the coffee stains.
  • Wash the tumbler using clean water. 

Repeat the procedure if there are lingering coffee stains. In most cases, the stains should be gone after the second or third attempt.

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Lemon can be effectively used in cleaning a variety of things due to its acidic properties. You can use it to remove stubborn coffee stains on your Tervis tumbler. 

  • Squeeze the juices of a lemon into the tumbler, targeting areas with the coffee stains. 
  • Make sure that the stained areas are evenly covered. 
  • Leave in place for 10-15 minutes. 
  • With a cloth, rub on the coffee stains.
  • Clean the interior of the tumbler using freshwater.
  • Repeat the procedure if necessary.


Vinegar is another useful household product that can effectively get rid of coffee stains. 

  • Heat vinegar for up to two minutes. 
  • Pour the hot vinegar on the tumbler and leave in place for 3-4 hours. The stain should be gone at this point. 
  • Remove the solution and clean the tumbler. 
  • Repeat the process if a trace of the stain lingers.


Salt can also be used to get rid of coffee stains. This might be an alternative in case you do not have any of the household items above. 

  • Immerse the tumbler in fresh water. 
  • Dab salt on the stained areas. 
  • Scrub the site using a microfiber cloth.
  • Leave the tumbler in place for a while.
  • Rinse thoroughly after with fresh water. 
  • Repeat the procedure if necessary. 

How to wash a Tervis tumbler using bleach

Oftentimes, there are instances when you have to utilize one of the commercial solutions to clean your Tervis tumbler. One of these products is no other than bleach. 

  • Prepare a solution with one gallon of lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of bleach.
  • Submerge your tumbler into the solution for a while. 
  • Use a spoon to scrub on the coffee stains and leave it again in the solution. 
  • In case the stains linger, simply add more bleach and scrub on the stain again. At this point, the stain should have vanished. 
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How do you clean a Tervis tumbler?

Although a Tervis tumbler is guaranteed to last for a long time, proper care and maintenance can greatly help in prolonging its lifespan as well as keeping it clean. Let us take a look at the steps on how to properly clean your Tervis tumbler.

  • Pour out any leftover liquid on your tumbler. 
  • Fill the tumbler with a few drops of dishwashing soap and warm water. 
  • Seal the lid back on and shake your tumbler for a minimum of 30 seconds. 
  • With a brush, scrub the interior of the tumbler.
  • Rinse after thoroughly and allow to dry.

In case you want to deep clean your tumbler, you might want to use baking soda or white vinegar. 

  • After the soap wash, rinse the tumbler and fill it with one-fifth white vinegar and the rest with water. Allow to sit overnight and rinse thoroughly the next day. 
  • As an alternative, add 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda and warm water into the tumbler. Allow to soak for a few hours and thoroughly rinse and allow the lid and tumbler to dry separately. 

Generally, it is recommended to wash your Tervis tumbler daily if it is used every day. 

Can you put hot coffee in a Tervis tumbler?

The Tervis tumblers are specially designed to hold both hot and cold beverages as well as maintain their temperature for a long time. These tumblers have double-wall insulation to ensure that beverages stay hot or cold for a long time. For those who want to ensure that their hot coffee remains warm for a long time, a Tervis tumbler can guarantee it. 

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How do you get the smell out of a Tervis tumbler?

Since Tervis tumblers are made of durable plastic material, it might absorb certain odors. This is true with strong-smelling beverages where the odor might linger in the tumbler even if it has been cleaned. 

If you want to get rid of the smell in your Tervis tumbler, it is best to use products with potent deodorizing properties. Let us take a look at the steps to help get rid of the smell in your Tervis tumbler. 

  • Prepare a solution by mixing 1 cup of baking soda and 3 cups of warm water in a basin or bowl.
  • Soak your tumbler into the solution for up to 8 hours. 
  • Rinse the tumbler with warm water to get rid of any baking soda residue. Thoroughly dry the tumbler and check if any odor lingers. 
  • If a slight odor lingers, moisten a paper towel with white vinegar and rub in the interior of the tumbler to get rid of the odor. 
  • Wash the tumbler using liquid dish detergent and warm water to remove the vinegar. Thoroughly rinse with warm water and dry completely

Final thoughts

Coffee stains on your Tervis tumbler can be undesirable to look at. With the different techniques utilizing a variety of household products on how to remove coffee stains from Tervis tumbler, you can keep your tumbler clean and free from stains effectively. 

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