How to remove feces stains from underwear

Underwear endures wear and tear over the years. Normally, some signs of wear and tear appear, sadly feces stains can be an issue of concern. How to deal with the feces stains depends on the fabric and color of the underwear. Luckily, there are some methods that you can use to get rid of the stains and keep them looking good as new. Read further to learn about the techniques on how to remove feces stains from underwear effectively.

Role of the fabric

It is vital to fully understand which types of fabric are prone to staining and adjust your habits accordingly. In case you have a delicate piece of underwear that you want to preserve, it is best to wear them carefully. 

You must always cautiously assess various materials your underwear are made of. This will give you an idea of how you should take care of them. Carefully follow the fabric care instructions to ensure that the risk of staining is lessened in the first place as well as maintaining the integrity of the garment. 

Steps on how to remove feces stains from underwear

Let us now take a look at the effective techniques on how to remove feces stains from underwear. 

  • Wash your underwear in cold water. Avoid using warm water since it will set in the stain. 
  • If you have a piece of white underwear or even the colored ones, soak it for up to 10 minutes in cold water. This helps lessen the potency of the stain.
  • After the cold water wash, assess the underwear. 
  • If you have white underwear, prepare a solution by mixing 1-part bleach and 6-parts water. This works by breaking apart the stain. Remember to carefully follow the safety instructions when using bleach. For colored underwear, you have to slightly adjust the solution. 
  • Rinse the underwear in cold water thoroughly to remove any of the leftover solution as well as debris from the stain. 
  • Wash the underwear normally based on the fabric care label. At this point, it will help restore your garment to its regular state and prepare it for the next use. 
  • In case a trace of the stain lingers, it is best to repeat the above steps to check for any improvement. 
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How do you get feminine stains out of underwear?

For women, getting their period can be uncomfortable, but worrying about stains can make it even worse. When your period arrives, it is almost inevitable that you need to wash the blood out of your underwear. Luckily, you can easily get rid of feminine stains if you act quickly. 

  • Wash the underwear with the bloodstain immediately under cold running water. Make sure that the flow is strong enough to break through the stain. Do not use hot water since it will set the blood into the fabric. 
  • Rinse away as much of the blood as possible. You can use your fingers or a cloth to carefully blot away the stain while rinsing. 
  • Since water alone is unlikely to get rid of the stain completely, add a drop of mild soap onto the stain. Work the soap into a lather, making sure that the entire stain is covered. You can use hand soap, solid laundry bar or liquid laundry detergent.
  • Rinse away the suds using cold water. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear and there are no bubbles on the fabric. Check the underwear if the stain is gone. If the stain lingers, wash again. If a trace of the stain remains, you might need to use a different approach.
  • After gently squeezing out the water, wrap the underwear in a towel to get rid of the excess water. 
  • If you have a clothesline, clip the underwear to dry or simply hang to dry. Make sure that the area has good ventilation so that it will thoroughly dry. 
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What causes brown stains in underwear?

Among women, there are a variety of reasons why there are brown stains in underwear. Generally, it is likely spotting which refers to a minimal episode of bleeding that occurs outside of the menstrual cycle. Other possible causes of brown stains include the following:

  • Menstruation
  • Hormonal birth control pills as well as Depo-Provera shots or intrauterine devices 
  • Pregnancy
  • Perimenopause

As for men, the brown stains in underwear might be due to leftover poop stains that were not completely removed. 

How do you get brown stains out of underwear?

Generally, underwear fabric can end up stained over time. Being exposed to urine, feces and even blood can result in unsightly stains. If you want to get rid of brown stains out of underwear, there are several cleaning methods that you can try.

Baking soda

  • Rinse the underwear thoroughly with cool water. 
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the brown stain. Scrub the stained area using a soft-bristled brush.
  • Rinse the underwear in cool water and wash normally. 


  • Rinse the underwear in cool water. Dab on a pre-treatment stain remover on the stained area and allow it to soak for up to 10 minutes. 
  • Fill the washer with cool water and add laundry detergent. Add the recommended amount of bleach. 
  • Immerse the underwear in the washer and complete a full cycle. 


  • Rinse the underwear in cool water and level it on a towel.
  • Moisten a sponge in a container with white vinegar. Tap on the stain, starting at the outer edge and working toward the middle part. 
  • Wash the underwear normally.
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  • Fill a basin with cool water. Pour ½ cup of laundry detergent and mix thoroughly.
  • Soak the underwear in cool water. Scrub at the site of the stain. 
  • Leave the underwear to soak for up to 30 minutes. Wash as usual. 

Final thoughts

When you discover undesirable feces stain on your underwear, it is vital to remove them right away to prevent them from setting in. With the techniques on how to remove feces stains from underwear, you can thoroughly clean your underwear as well as making them look as new. 

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