How to remove grease stains from Timberland boots

Timberland boots have been recognized hiking or work boots and typically made of leather and suede. If these boots are treated with a waterproof coating, they can last for many years.

Nevertheless, there are instances when grease accidentally drops on your boots and this can be undesirable to look at. Luckily, you can get rid of a grease stain with several techniques. Read further to learn about the techniques to eliminate grease stains or make them lighter and less noticeable. 

Steps on how to remove grease stains from Timberland boots

When your Timberland boots end up with unsightly grease stains, it is vital to remove them immediately. Let us now take a look at the steps on how to remove grease stains from Timberland boots to keep them clean.

  1. Place a paper towel over the grease stain. Press into the stain and soak up as much grease as possible. Replace with a new one until there is no more grease left. 
  2. Sprinkle talc powder, baby powder or cornstarch over the site of the grease stain. Make sure that the entire stain is covered. Leave the powder in place overnight.
  3. With a toothbrush or soft cloth, brush away the powder off the boot. Utilize a toothbrush to fluff up the grain of the suede or leather. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary until the grease stain is removed. 

Make sure that once you spot a grease stain on your Timberland boots, treat it right away. The longer the grease is left on your boots, the harder it is to remove. 

After regular cleaning of your boots, treat it with a waterproof coating since this will make it easier to deal with any stains as well as clean your boots. In case the stain is deeply embedded and the powder technique does not work, you might utilize products in the market that are specifically designed to clean suede. 

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How to deep clean your Timberland boots

If you want to keep your Timberland boots in tip-top shape aside from the regular cleaning regimen, you might want to perform deep cleaning. 

Depending on the type of Timberland boots that you have, get a cleaning kit that matches it. The boots are available in suede and leather models, but the traditional boots are made of nubuck. 

  • Take out the shoelaces. You can wash them by hand and allow to dry completely. 
  • Get rid of loose debris and dirt using a soft-bristled brush. Utilize a light touch while brushing to avoid scratching the surface of the boots. 
  • Keep one hand within the boot. The purpose is to keep the shape intact. 
  • Brush the soles with a toothbrush and mild dish soap. Rinse with warm water to get rid of any leftover debris. 
  • Scrub the exterior of your boot with the cleaner and water. Brush in one direction with light pressure to remove any dirt off the surface. 
  • Utilize sandpaper to buff out any evident stains. Brush in one direction with a light touch. 
  • Rinse the surface by using a small amount of water to remove the cleaner residue and leftover grime. 

When it comes to deep cleaning, the frequency depends on how often you wear the boots and how dirty they end up when wearing them. 

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More questions answered about boots and how to clean them

What household items can I use to clean Timberland boots?

When caring for suede Timberland boots, it is recommended to buy a suede cleaning kit but there are household items that are suitable alternatives when cleaning your boots or do not have time to buy a cleaning kit yet. Let us take a look at the steps on how to clean your suede Timberland boots at home.

  • With a rag or cloth, wipe off as much soil as you potentially can. 
  • Using a nail file, gently rub to lift the grain off the suede. Although this method can damage your shoes if used too often, it can effectively remove dirt and particles from dust embedded in the suede pores. 
  • In case some stains and scrape marks are present that do not seem to go off, brush them with a pencil eraser.
  • If the Timberland boots are still stained, try using wipes. The wipes should soften the stains without harming the boots. Do not use them to wipe the entire boots. It is a very good idea to avoid exposing suede to humidity. 
  • If the stains linger, try a damp sponge and utilize pieces of newspaper to absorb some of the wetness. The objective is to make your Timberlands to dry faster. 
  • In case you have attempted the previous methods and your boots are still stained, try applying a small amount of white vinegar. This way you can dissolve stubborn stains but the drawback is that your boots will stink like vinegar for some time. 
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How do you remove grease from sneakers?

Due to the versatile nature of sneakers, they are likely to gather a lot of dirt and debris from daily use. With this in mind, these shoes require regular cleaning. Sadly, it is not possible to wash them daily by hand or in a washing machine since it can affect the durability in the long run. 

If your sneakers end up with grease stains, it is vital to remove them right away. When removing grease marks or stains from sneakers, initially sprinkle the site heavily with starch. Brush the area with a clean rag or cloth that has been soaked in glycerin. This approach should be enough to deal with any grease stains. 

How do you make Timberland boots look new?

The classic Timberland boots have been made to last whether taken to explore cities, stroll out during casual days or trekking on off-road adventures. These boots are created with nubuck and smooth leather which requires special care to keep it looking new. 

Remember that nubuck is sensible to moisture, thus direct exposure with water must be minimized. The ideal way to lessen deterioration is to invest in a cleaning kit for suede or nubuck. Generally, a kit includes an eraser, a brush, and a cleanser based on water. Let us take a look at the steps in keeping your boots clean.

  • Brush lightly to lift the nap and dislodge any debris or particles. If there are chunks of dirt, use a nail file. If mud is present, allow it to fully dry before prying it off. As an alternative, you can use a toothbrush to remove any particles caught on the surface.
  • Gently brush the eraser on the nubuck to get rid of small stains, scuffs, and marks. Avoid rubbing too vigorously since this can harm the nap. Resume brushing until the visible blemishes are gone. 
  • For stubborn stains, spray a nubuck cleaner on a clean towel or cloth and clear the whole surface of the boots. Avoid spot cleaning since this can leave behind water stains. If the stain lingers, use water as the last option. Use a wet sponge along with pieces of newspaper to absorb the excess water. 
  • Shield the nubuck by applying a proofing spray that will repel water and protect the surface from stains and dirt. Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying method. 
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By following these steps, your Timberland boots are properly maintained and look like brand new. 

Final thoughts

Getting a pair of classic Timberland boots is a good investment. It is a must-have companion for trekking the outdoors or for casual walks in the city. With the techniques on how to remove grease stains from Timberland boots as well as keeping them clean, you will have neat-looking boots that will last for a long time. 

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