How to remove hard water stains from shower doors

how to remove hard water stains from shower doors

Your water’s mineral contents are the main reason you often get hard water stains on your shower doors, especially if you live somewhere with especially hard water. Fortunately, hard water stains are easy to eliminate with vinegar, oxalic acid cleaner, and commercial cleaners.

Read on to find out how you can say goodbye to hard water stains with these different remedies.

Removing hard water stains from your shower doors using vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic solution that can treat many kinds of stains, including hard water stains on surfaces in your home. 

Follow these steps to remove hard water stains from your shower doors with ease, using this standard kitchen product.

  1. The first thing you need to do is collect the necessary materials. You will need distilled white vinegar, a spray bottle, and a microfiber towel.
  2. Pour the bottle of vinegar into your spray bottle and spray it on the stained areas of your shower doors.
  3. Ensure that you wear a mask, and your bathroom is well ventilated because the smell of the vinegar can be quite overpowering. Always practice safety precautions.
  4. Let the vinegar solution stay on your shower doors for 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the severity or number of the stains.
  5. After the said time, use a plastic bristle brush to scrub the stained areas. Don’t use hard metal brushes on your shower doors. They can leave scratches and damage your shower door.
  6. To remove the vinegar and the mineral deposits, rinse your shower door with cold water.
  7. If stains are still visible, repeat the process. Cleaning your shower doors requires patience, but the result will always be satisfying.
  8. If there are no stains left, get a clean and dry absorbent towel. Use it to wipe the area.
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The primary cause of hard water stains buildup on your shower door is the formation of moisture every time you shower. To avoid the moisture buildup, wiping your shower door with a squeegee or dry cloth is the best option.

Using a commercial bathroom cleaner to get rid of hard water stains

For an instant solution, you can always use ready-made commercial bathroom cleaners from your local grocery stores. They work by softening the deposited minerals from hard water stains while also protecting the shower doors’ materials. They are straightforward to use, follow these steps to achieve a spotless shower door.

  1. Spray the bathroom cleaner over the stained areas. Let it sit for ten to 20 minutes.
  2. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the area. To avoid leaving random unsightly patterns on your shower door, scrub it in a consistent pattern.
  3. Once you scrub away the stains, rinse it using cold water.
  4. If there are still stains, repeat the process.
  5. If there are no visible stains left, dry your shower door using a microfiber towel.

When choosing a bathroom cleaner, make sure that you select a product with phosphoric acid. This acid mainly works in softening the hard water stains in your shower doors. This method costs a lot more than the others, but it works well in removing the hard water stains effectively and quickly.

Nothing is better than oxalic acid cleaner for removing hard water stains

Oxalic acid, the main ingredient in Bar Keeper’s Friend, is a safe and biodegradable chemical that doesn’t contain bleach or fillers, making it one of the best remedies for removing hard water stains on your shower door. It softens the hard water deposits, and it keeps your glass well-polished.

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Follow these steps to get optimal results.

  1. In a spray bottle, pour one cup of oxalic acid cleaner and six cups of water. Shake the bottle to mix the solution thoroughly.
  2. Spray the solution on the stained areas of your shower door.
  3. Let the solution stay on the shower door for 30 minutes. You can also leave it longer, for an hour or two, depending on the severity of the stains.
  4. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the stained areas.
  5. Rinse your shower door with cold water. If there are still stains, repeat the process.
  6. Once there are no stains left, use a microfiber towel to dry your shower doors.

Common questions about hard water stains

What causes hard water stains on my shower door?

The main reason for hard water stains building up on your shower door is due to the minerals in your water. Hard water stains form when you let water dry on your shower door over time.

Water consists of different minerals, like magnesium and calcium. When the water evaporates, these minerals get left behind, leaving hard water stains. However, you don’t need to panic, because you can do the methods above to eliminate the stains with ease.

Can water softeners prevent the buildup of water stains?

Yes, water softeners can prevent the build of hard water stains. Hard water stains are caused by impure water that evaporates over time. If you leave the stained areas for an extended period, removing them will require strength and effort.

But, if you invest in a water softener, it can purify your water. It helps you to dissolve the minerals that can enter your home through your pipe system. It will minimize the minerals in the water that you’re using – leaving the stains out of sight.

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How can I prevent water stains on my bathroom door?

The easiest way to prevent water stains from building up on your bathroom door is by regularly cleaning it. Water stains form from moisture left behind, so immediately cleaning off the water from shower doors can reduce the possibility of stains. You can also spray shower cleaner after using the shower to dissolve the minerals deposited on your bathroom door.

The bottom line

Having stubborn stains on your shower doors can leave you with an unsightly sight to see. However, there are different easy-to-do procedures to remove them from your shower door. You can remove those unsightly hard water stains with white vinegar, oxalic acid, or commercial products, just choose the one that works best for you.

how to remove hard water stains from shower doors

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