How to remove hot Cheeto stains

Hot Cheeto stains are difficult to remove due to the brightly colored food coloring they’re made with. It is important to note that food coloring in gel, liquid or powdered form is safe to use, but is usually concentrated and can easily stain clothes, furniture and carpet.

Luckily, it is not typically hard to remove the stains and you can do it using regular laundry supplies you already have at home. Food coloring and dyes usually dry rapidly, which is why it is important to deal with the stain right way for easier removal. Read further to learn ways to remove Hot Cheeto stains.

Considerations before dealing with Hot Cheeto stains

When a garment is branded as “dry clean” only, simply blot the site of the stain using a paper towel. Bring the garment to a dry cleaning service right away and identify the stain. 

If you decide to use a home dry cleaning kit, you must deal with the stain using the included stain remover product before placing the garment inside the dryer bag. 

Always bear in mind that you shouldn’t put any clothes into a hot dryer if traces of the stain linger. The high heat will set the food dye and make it almost impossible to remove. 

Steps to remove Hot Cheeto stains on fabrics

For those who love to munch on Cheetos as a snack, there are times when one will probably end up rolling on your clothes. When this happens, it is vital to act immediately. Let’s take a look at how to remove Hot Cheeto stains from fabric. 

  • Hold the stained area with the wrong side up under flowing water from the faucet to flush the stain out of the fabric. Shake out any lingering powder before doing this. 
  • After flushing the garment with water, apply a heavy-duty liquid detergent containing enzymes that can break down stains or use a stain remover directly on the stain. Work in the stain remover using your fingers or use a soft-bristled brush. Leave in place for at least 15 minutes before washing the garment normally.
  • If the Hot Cheeto stain lingers, prepare a solution by mixing an oxygen-based bleach in cool water. Simply follow the package instructions. Fully immerse the garment and allow it to soak for up to 8 hours. 
  • Once the stain completely vanishes, wash it normally. If the stain lingers, prepare a new solution of oxygen bleach and water and repeat the soaking. Take note that it might take several soakings to completely get rid of the stain, but it should vanish eventually.
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How to get rid of Hot Cheeto stains on carpet or upholstery

When the brightly colored hot Cheeto lands on your carpet or furniture, the cleaning technique is the same for both surfaces. Just remember to avoid over-saturating the fabric since excess dampness can result in issues in the long run.

  • Add a small amount of cool water on the site of the stain to dilute it and blot. 
  • If the stain lingers, prepare a solution by combining oxygen-based bleach with warm water. Stir the mixture thoroughly and use a white cloth to apply the solution to the site of the stain, starting from the outside edge and working towards the middle to prevent the mark from widening. Leave the solution to soak for a minimum of 30 minutes and blot away.
  • If the stain is stubborn, repeat the previous steps as needed. Allow the site to air dry away from direct heat. If a white residue appears due to the oxygen bleach, vacuum it away.

How do you get Hot Cheeto stains off your hands?

After eating a bag of Hot Cheetos, your hands will end up with a reddish-orange hue. The Hot Cheeto stains on your hands can be undesirable to look at. 

A recommended way to remove the hot Cheeto stains on your hands is to use baking soda. After wetting your hands, apply baking soda on the stains. Take note that baking soda has an exfoliating effect along with bleaching properties. An alternative is a nail polish remover but it can be too drying on the skin. You can also use rubbing alcohol.

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If the stain is stubborn, you can use hydrogen peroxide which works like a mild bleach and should lighten the stains. Follow up by washing with soap and water. 

How do you get Hot Cheeto stains off your clothes?

Hot Cheeto stains can ruin any light-colored clothes. The stains are notoriously stubborn and hard to remove since the powder can set quite quickly. 

Once you discover a hot Cheeto stain on your clothes, the initial task is to sponge the site with cold water. Follow up by treating the site with a stain remover and washing as usual. 

In case this is not enough to remove the stain, prepare a solution by mixing ¼ cup chlorine bleach with a gallon of cool water. Soak the garment into this solution for at least 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and wash normally.

How to remove Cheeto stains from carpet?

Cheetos not only leave smudges on your fingers, but can leave behind unattractive marks on any surface they land on. Once they fall on the carpet, the orange powder appears almost impossible to remove. Luckily, there are several products that you can use that are effective in removing the stubborn Cheetos stains. 

  • Prepare a solution by filling a bucket with cool water and mixing a small amount of mild soap or detergent. 
  • Using a spray bottle, spritz the solution onto the stain. 
  • Allow it to soak on the stain for a few minutes. 
  • Using a clean cloth, blot it on the stain. You will see the orange smudge transferring to the cloth. Continue to blot and switch to a new area of the cloth. 
  • You can add more of the solution and continue blotting until color no longer transfers to the cloth or the stain is fully removed.
  • In case a trace of the stain lingers, blot the site with mild soap and water. 
  • Rinse the site by blotting with clean water. 
  • Press a dry towel over the site to absorb any excess moisture. 
  • Allow the area to air dry completely.
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Final thoughts

Cheeto stains can be stubborn stains and if you accidentally drop one on your clothes, furniture or carpet, it can leave behind a trace. Unless it is quickly removed, the stain can be unappealing to look at. With the methods on how to remove Hot Cheeto stains on fabric, you can effectively get rid of the stain and the stained fabrics. Soon surfaces will look as good as new.

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