How to remove jean stains from leather seats

When it comes to denim pants, the indigo color can readily rub off and mark any surface including leather seats especially if it is damp from sweat or rain. Although indigo dye can be washed off, the bleeding can be a burdensome task to deal with. Stains can still occur even after several washes. You can prevent indigo bleeding or crocking by not getting the denim wet or rub against any easily stained surfaces. Nevertheless, if the jean stains cannot be prevented, there are cleaning methods that you can use. Read further to learn techniques on how to remove jean stains from leather seats.

Steps on how to remove jean stains from leather seats

When your leather seats end up with jean stains, simply follow these steps on how to remove jean stains from leather seats.

  • Use a cloth moistened with warm water to carefully remove any dust and surface stains from the leather seats. Avoid rubbing the leather surface since it will only make the stain harder to remove.
  • Apply the leather cleaner on a clean cloth.
  • Wipe on the stain in circular motions until the stain vanishes. 
  • Use a new cloth moistened with water to wipe the surface clean. 
  • Apply a leather protectant on the cleaned surface.
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A leather protectant must be applied every 2 months to prevent future stains as well as ensure that the car seats stay clean and protected. 


How to get rid of jean stains from furniture

  • Use a cold moist cloth and blot gently on the stained area. The blotting motion should remove the stain.
  • Avoid rubbing the site. Rubbing will drive the stain deeper into the upholstery fibers.
  • For stubborn stains, blot using vinegar or ammonia solution every 5 minutes for up to an hour. This technique will break down the stain and make it easier to remove. 
  • Once the stain disappears, use a dry towel to blot away leftover water from the upholstery. 

How to remove jean stains from white fabric

  • Add an ample amount of stain-removing detergent on the stained area. 
  • Let it soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Scrub the white fabric under cold water.
  • Add more stain remover if the stain lingers and allow it to soak for another 15-20 minutes.
  • Place the fabric in a washer with half a cup of bleach. The bleach will break down the stain and restore the fabric’s pristine appearance.

Does leather cleaner remove jean stains?

Leather cleaner products can be used to get rid of jean stains. Remember that leather cleaners will not instantly remove the stain on leather. Oftentimes, you can achieve the best results by leaving the product for some time before applying again. Try using a leather cleaner that is suggested by the manufacturer. 

If you have one at home, it can be used to remove jean stains. Simple apply the leather cleaner on a white cloth or sponge and carefully wipe it on the stained area. As the dye is being lifted, it will transfer to the cloth or sponge. 

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Does dish soap remove jean stains on leather?

If you discover jean stains on leather, it is vital to get rid of it right away. An effective method that you can use involves a solution with dish soap. Simply combine dish soap with warm water in a bowl. 

Moisten a cloth in this solution and carefully wipe the stained area until it completely disappears. 

How do you remove blue jean stains on white leather?

The indigo ink from some dark blue jeans can transfer onto purses, shoes, and furniture with white leather even if they have been washed several times. When cleaning blue jean stains on white leather, it is recommended to use mild cleaning products. Let us take a look at the steps.

  • Prepare a mixture by combining 2 cups of warm water and 2 tablespoons of clear dish soap in a bowl.
  • Moisten a soft cloth with this solution and wring out the excess.
  • Rub the damp cloth on the blue jean stain. You need to apply some pressure to get rid of the stain but avoid rubbing vigorously. The dye will transfer to the cloth. Rinse the cloth periodically with freshwater and moisten with the soapy solution again.
  • Once the stain disappears, provide a final rinse using a clean, moist cloth.

Final thoughts

When your leather seats end up with jean stains, it can leave behind an unappealing mark especially on light-colored leather. With the techniques discussed on how to remove jean stains from leather seats, you can remove the stains effectively to restore the pristine appearance of leather. 

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