How to remove rubber stains from clothes

Rubber stains are described as residue or elements of rubber that were left behind. In most cases, the chafing of a rubber object that comes in contact with a piece of clothing is responsible for the sticking of the rubber. 

The common ways for rubber stains to occur include replacing a tire, getting a shirt caught on a dryer belt, and placing children’s toys in pockets during washing. Read on to learn how to remove rubber stains from clothes. 

Steps on to remove rubber stains from clothes

Let’s take a look at the steps for how to remove rubber stains from clothes properly.

  • Apply eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to a cloth or towel.
  • Dab the cloth or towel on the rubber stain. The oil will work by breaking down the rubber that is trapped in the fibers and release it. Continue with this step until the rubber stains are gone. Take note that the eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil will linger on the garment.
  • Spray the site with cold water. You can use a clean towel or cloth to soak up the oil from the fabric. Continue this method until the oil residue is completely removed.
  • Wash the garment as usual.

In case you discover rubber stains on silk or any type of delicate fabric, it is best to have a professional remove the stain.

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How to get rid of rubber stains on upholstery

Old rubber can often become gummy or degraded. It can leave behind black streaks, marks, and rings. If your upholstery ends up with rubber stains, simply follow these steps.

  • Before starting the cleaning process, perform an initial test on a concealed spot for colorfastness to both the water from the ice and solvent. 
  • Dab ice directly on the stain. Wait for a few minutes for the rubber residue to harden. 
  • Use the blunt tip of a butter knife or spoon to carefully scrape away the solid residue from the upholstery.
  • Use the dry clean spot remover by following the instructions. Allow it to work into the stain. You can use a soft-bristled brush.
  • Wipe away any leftover residue with a soft cloth.
  • When the rubber is completely removed, allow the site to dry completely.

Additional tips

  • A dry clean spot remover is generally safe to use for most fabrics, but any product that is labeled safe for upholstery will work well in getting rid of the residue.
  • Various types of oils can also be used to remove rubber residue. Do not forget to perform a spot test first before using the oil on upholstery since it might stain. After getting rid of as much solid residue, you can try using eucalyptus or tea tree oil. Utilize a soft cloth and with a little effort on your part to work out the stain.
  • A rubber solvent is an industrial product. In case your initial cleaning efforts were not successful in removing the stain, it is best to call in professional services.
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Does eucalyptus oil remove rubber stains?

When dealing with rubber stains, you can use eucalyptus oil. It is recommended to use straight out of the bottle using a soft cloth. It can dissolve and remove anything sticky, greasy, or even ink stains. In addition to dealing with rubber stains, eucalyptus oil works well on sticky tape or sticker residue, chewing gum, candle wax and grease. It can be used on carpet, glass, clothes and other surfaces.

Does tea tree oil remove rubber stains?

Tea tree oil can be used to remove rubber stains. Once you have removed as much of the solid residue from the surface, you can apply tea tree oil. 

It is recommended to use a soft cloth along with a little effort on your part to steadily get the stain out.

How do you get rubber latex out of your clothes?

Whether you are faced with hot rubber or melted balloon, it can adhere to clothing and can leave behind a sticky mess. Although this can be removed in most cases, it requires prompt action. Simply follow these steps to remove melted rubber off clothes.

  • Scrape off as much rubber as possible. If it is still soft, solidify it by rubbing an ice cube over it for a few seconds. 
  • When removing the leftover residue, dampen a sponge or soft cloth with a dry cleaning solvent and dab on the rubber. 
  • Leave it to soak and dab again. 
  • Continue dabbing until the rubber residue breaks down.
  • Allow the site to dry.
  • Apply laundry detergent directly on the site where the rubber melted.
  • Wash as usual.
  • Do not allow the garment to dry until all the rubber is removed. Do not place it in a dryer or it might melt further and spread. 
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Final thoughts

Rubber stains, regardless of the cause, can be undesirable to look at on clothes. Once you discover one, it is vital to deal with it right away. With the methods described for how to remove rubber stains from clothes, you can effectively remove the stain and restore the pristine appearance of your clothes.

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