How to remove rust stains from travertine tile

Rust stains can form in just about any surface. Natural stone tiles and slabs are not exempt from this type of stain, due to their chemical composition and molecular structure. 

Floors and counter tops made of natural stone are prone to rust stains. If the stone has an elevated concentration of iron deposits, rust stains can form starting from within. Read further to learn how to remove rust stains from travertine tile.

A guide on how to remove rust stains from travertine tile

If you love the natural beauty of natural stone surfaces, particularly travertine, it’s vital to take care of it properly. Once stains form, it is important to deal with them immediately. Timely action when dealing with the stains will make the removal process easier. Let’s take a look at how to remove rust stains from travertine tile.

Surface rust

If your travertine tiles have a fresh seal, the rust stains that might form are likely superficial buildup, rather than actual staining. In such cases, you can remove the stains using a granite cleaner, along with a scrubbing pad or soft nylon brush. 

If there is a strong seal in place, it won’t allow the oxidizing fluids to soak through the pores of the stone, which allows you to deal with surface stains easily. 

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The best way to stay safe is to apply a fresh coating of sealant after getting rid of the rust and any other type of surface stain. 

Stubborn rust stains

There are instances when the rust stains on natural stone surfaces including travertine tiles can’t be removed from simple scrubbing. 

If the stains appear to float just beneath the surface, you will probably need a professional to remove them. Nevertheless, you can try out this method first. 

  • Spritz or pour 3-4% hydrogen peroxide on the site. 
  • Agitate with a granite cleaning pad or nylon-bristled brush. 
  • Let it sit for 24 hours and rinse thoroughly with water. 

In case the stain lingers, the best approach is to get in touch with a professional service to deal with the issue. 


How to prevent rust stains

The ideal way to deal with rust marks on natural stone is to prevent them in the first place. This simply means avoiding exposure to water. 

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen counters, this is virtually impossible, especially around faucets. Due to this, the best preventive measure is to consistently apply a sealant. When natural stone tiles and pieces are properly sealed, you only have to fear about superficial rust which is simple to remove once it develops. 

Can you use CLR on travertine tile?

CLR is a potent acid that works by dissolving the upper surface of all calcium-based stone, including travertine and marble that has been skillfully honed and buffed during the manufacturing process. 

The grinding, honing and buffing process on the stone smoothens it and deepens the colors while enhancing the color to a striking polish.

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Cleaners that contain acids such as CLR can dissolve the finished layer and exposes the raw stone underneath, significantly lightening the color as well as making the surface rough to the touch.

How do you get vinegar stains out off travertine?

Certain accidents such as vinegar spills can occur in the kitchen. The key to avoiding the formation of stains is to blot the spill right away.

If a vinegar stain starts to form because an inadequate protective seal on travertine, you can still remove it. Simply prepare a paste of baking soda and acetone to cover the stained area. Let it sit for 24 hours and rinse thoroughly with water. After rinsing the paste away, wipe the surface and apply a sealant. 

Does baking soda remove stains on travertine?

If you have travertine flooring, you can use baking soda to get rid of any stains. 

Mix equal parts of water and baking soda with a small amount of regular cleanser. Combine the mixture thoroughly and brush into the travertine tile that has stains. Make sure that you cover the entire stain surface with a profuse coating. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes. 

Final thoughts

Once you discover rust stains on your travertine tiles, it is vital to deal with the stains immediately. With the methods on how to remove rust stains from travertine tile, you can thoroughly clean and restore the appearance of your travertine surfaces. 

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