How to remove stains from a leather purse

how to remove stains from leather purse

It’s no secret that anything made from leather can be a costly investment, including leather purses. Getting stains on your leather purse can result in expensive repairs if you’re not careful. Worry no more. We’ve provided you with different safe stain removal methods that can eliminate stains on your leather with ease.

From baking soda, cream of tartar and lemon juice, commercial leather conditioners, to alcohol. These methods are effective, easy-to-do, affordable, and safe. Read on to find out how you can remove different stains from your leather purse.

Removing oil stains with baking soda

Baking soda is an essential ingredient to have when you want to make your favorite baked goods at home, but did you know it can help get rid of stubborn oil stains from your leather purse? This method is easy to do, and you can find baking soda just about anywhere.

These are the steps in removing oil stains on a leather purse with baking soda.

  1. Identify the oil stains on your leather purse, and once you’ve pinpointed the areas, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on each one. Make sure to cover all stains for better results.
  2. Leave the baking soda powder on your leather purse overnight. Doing this gives the ingredient more time to absorb the stains completely.
  3. The next day, scrub the stained areas using a soft-bristled brush. Don’t put too much force as it can damage your leather purse.
  4. When there are no visible stains left, wipe the purse using a dry cloth to get rid of the baking soda residue. Never use water when cleaning your leather purse as it can damage its fabric.
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Commercial leather conditioner works best at removing water stains

Water stains are the most common stains that you can encounter on your leather purse. Fortunately, you can deal with these stains with ease by using a commercial leather conditioner. You can find this product in your local hardware store or online.

Follow these steps to treat water stains on your leather purse with the help of commercial leather conditioner.

  1. Blot your purse with a microfiber towel. Make sure that you remove the water stains as much as you can before it completely dries.
  2. Once you remove the excess water, wipe your purse using a soft fabric. Doing this helps remove the dust and the dirt on your purse, making it easier to get rid of the stains.
  3. After wiping your purse, you can now apply the leather conditioner onto the stained areas of your purse. Do this by pouring it into a clean and dry towel.
  4. Start massaging the water stains on your leather purse with the towel following gentle circular motions.
  5. After you’ve covered all the stained areas, let the leather conditioner stay on your purse for four hours or leave it overnight, depending on the severity of the stains. Doing this allows the conditioner to penetrate the stains, letting the water evaporate and preventing oils from emerging.
  6. Once the stains are completely gone, wipe your purse using a clean, dry towel.

Getting rid of ink stains with rubbing alcohol

Ink stains can be troublesome to deal with, especially when you get some on your leather purse because it tends to dry fast. A simple product you can use to deal with ink stains is rubbing alcohol.

Follow these steps to get rid of stubborn ink stains on your purse.

  1. When you accidentally spill ink on your purse, make sure you place it on a flat surface to prevent it from spreading.
  2. Prepare a solution by mixing a cup of rubbing alcohol and lukewarm water in a container. Mix it well to balance the solution properly for the best results.
  3. After mixing the solution, grab a cotton pad and dip it in the solution. Start rubbing the stained areas on your leather purse in a gentle circular motion. It’s best to change the pads every time it gets covered in ink to avoid it from spreading more.
  4. When there are no visible stains left, let your purse dry naturally.
  5. Once your leather purse dries completely, apply a leather conditioner to it, and leave it overnight. Doing this brings back the optimal texture of the purse’s fabric.
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Using cream of tartar and lemon juice can help eliminate wine stains

After having a drink or two on a fun night out with the girls, your leather purse might be left stained by your favorite wine. These can be difficult to deal with once they’ve dried completely, so it’s best to take immediate action. You can use cream of tartar and lemon juice to remove wine stains swiftly.

Follow these steps to get the best results.

  1. Create a paste by mixing one tablespoon of cream of tartar and one cup of lemon juice. Mix it well to combine the properties, giving you the best results.
  2. After achieving your preferred paste consistency, apply it to the stained areas of your purse, and leave it on there for ten minutes.
  3. After ten minutes, grab a soft damp cloth and remove the paste residue.
  4. Apply your tartar paste to the stained area and let it sit for ten minutes.
  5. Once there are no stains left, wipe off your purse using a clean and dry cloth.

Common questions about stains on leather

Does the leather construction matter in dealing with the stains?

Yes. You need to know your leather’s construction to help you determine which methods will work best without damaging your valuables. There are two types of leather: finished and unfinished. Classic finished leather is easier to care for and you can use any of the methods we’ve described above.

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Unfinished leather, or suede, is a lot more sensitive. If you’re unsure of your purse’s structure, sprinkle some water on it. If the leather doesn’t absorb it, it’s finished leather. But if it does absorb the water, it’s best to have it cleaned professionally.

Why is treating a leather purse tricky?

Removing the stains from a leather purse can be tricky because one wrong move can make the stains permanent or damage your purse. Another reason is that leather is sensitive to water, so wiping off stains with regular wipes can easily damage its fabric. Fortunately, using any of the methods above can help you deal with stubborn stains without damaging your favorite purse.

What are the things that I shouldn’t use to clean my leather?

When cleaning your leather materials, don’t use varnish to restore the color because it can ruin the fabric. Also, avoid using cleaning solvents, detergents, or abrasives that can lead to cracks and make your leather sticky. Ensure that you know what your leather purse’s construction is first when you’re shopping for a leather cleaner to see which cleaners work best for them.

Wrapping up

One of the best materials that you can use to perfect your fashion is leather. But a lot of factors can ruin its texture and appearance. It’s troublesome because you don’t want to flex it with stains. But you don’t need to worry anymore because using the methods above can help you deal with unsightly stains with ease.

how to remove stains from leather purse

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