How to remove stains from white jeans

how to remove stains from white jeans

Do you use costly detergents or stain cleaners to remove food or wine stains from your white jeans? Well, their high price does not always guarantee their effectiveness. Luckily few natural ingredients can help you remove the stains from your white jeans and leave them looking as white as new.

Natural ingredients you can use to remove stains from white jeans

  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Borax
  • Aspirin
  • Lemon
  • A combination of vinegar, lemon, and baking soda

Borax for removing stains on white jeans

Borax is one of the best for stain removal ingredients for fresh stains on white jeans. Just soak your jeans in a Borax solution for a few minutes and you will notice they start to regain their original color.

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup of Borax
  • A gallon of hot water

Follow the procedure:

  1. Mix the two ingredients to form a Borax solution. Make sure the ratio is 1/2 cup of Borax to a gallon of water.
  2. Take your white pair of jeans and dip them into the solution. Leave to soak for a few hours.
  3. After a few minutes, you will start to notice the white jeans regaining their original color.
  4. Borax only works on fresh stains, so if the stain is old, soak some glycerin on the stain and then follow the procedure above.
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Aspirin works surprisingly well as a stain remover

Aspirin is good to have in the home medicine cabinet to deal with headaches and pains, but did you know that it’s also an excellent whitener and stain remover, especially for white garments? Next time, you have a stubborn stain on your white outfit, try getting rid of it with aspirin.

You’ll need:

  • 6 aspirin tablets
  • A basin full of hot water

Follow the procedure:

  1. Crush 6 aspirins and put them in a bowl of hot water.
  2. Dip the white stained garment in the solution and let it soak for a few hours.
  3. Remove your white outfit from the aspirin solution and put it in the washing machine to wash as you normally would.
  4. Air dry to make sure the stain is completely gone.

Combination of vinegar and lemon juice

Lemon juice and vinegar will help you clean your white clothes and remove most stains from them. Use a 1:1 ratio of distilled white vinegar and lemon juice.

You will require the following:

  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 1 cup of lemon juice
  • A basin full of hot water

Follow the procedure:

  1. Put hot water in a basin.
  2. Add the vinegar and lemon, then stir well.
  3. Take the stained white jeans and dip them in the solution.
  4. You can scrub slightly with your hands on the stained part to loosen the stain.
  5. Leave the white jeans in the solution for a few hours.
  6. After a few hours, the stains should have completely come off.
  7. Rinse off the excess liquid and transfer the jeans to a washing machine and wash as you normally would.
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Combine it all for effective results

If your stains are still lingering, make you can combine the ingredients we’ve looked at for an even more effective solution. A mix of vinegar, lemon juice, and borax performs better than bleach when it comes to cleaning and stain removal on white jeans. So anytime you are stuck with a stubborn stain, try this powerful combination.

What you’ll need:

  • 3 spoons of dish soap
  • 1/2 cup of Borax or baking soda
  • 1 cup of distilled white vinegar
  • 1 cup of lemon juice
  • A basin full of hot water

Follow the procedure:

  1. Take your basin and add hot boiling water.
  2. Next, pour in all the ingredients in the measurements given and stir well to mix everything up.
  3. Take your stained white pair of jeans and dip them into the solution.
  4. Ensure that every stained part is well submerged in the solution by aggressively stirring the jeans inside the water, this will help loosen the stains.
  5. Leave for a few hours.
  6. Once done, transfer to the washing machine and launder as usual.

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More information about taking care of your white clothing

Can you use any of these methods to get rid of stains on white clothes, not just white jeans?

Yes, all the ingredients above act as natural safe bleachers and are perfect to use on white clothing for stain removal. The kind of stain does not matter, the ingredients will work so well to lift the stain and leave your clothes looking as white as ever.

If you’re dealing with grass stains, here is more information about specifically taking care of grass-stained jeans.

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Is bleach not the best and simplest way of getting rid of stains on white clothes?

No, bleach only whitens but does not remove the stains, which can actually make them more pronounced. The last combination of all the ingredients works as well as what you imagine bleach would do, plus all the ingredients are natural and very safe to use.

If Borax is unavailable, is baking soda a good substitute?

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, whereas Borax is sodium borate. Both are alkaline in nature and good for stain removal purposes. If you can’t find Borax in your local store, go for baking soda. They will give the same results, though borax is much stronger.

How can you maintain the white color of the jeans and ensure they are always looking white?

Immediately after wearing your clothes, always soak in any of the solutions first before regular wash. Whether you have a stain or not, this will maintain the white color.

This goes for any other white clothes you have, as well as towels and bedsheets. Soak them first in any of the solutions above. This will freshen your fabrics and eliminate any yellowing or graying. Read here for more about getting rid of yellow stains on white cotton sheets.

Wrapping up

If you own a white pair of jeans, removing stains is a task you will have to do now and then, as the stains cannot be hidden. Bleaching agents might seem like the only solution but these household options work even better.

Next time you think twice about purchasing that white pair of jeans because of the fear of stains, worry-not. Removing stains from a white pair of jeans does not have to be a nightmare anymore.

how to remove stains from white jeans

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