How to Remove Yellow Bleach Stains from White Shoes

How to Remove Yellow Bleach Stains from White Shoes

Cleaning your shoes using bleach seems like the right choice. But the truth is it can result in yellow stains that do not exactly look great. Yellow bleach stains can be very hard to completely remove. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can use to take it off.

You can remove or reduce the appearance of bleach stains from your white shoes using three options. First, by using salt and hot water scrub. By soaking your shoes in cream of tartar solution. Or by washing your shoes using white vinegar and laundry detergent.

Read on to know more about each option.

Option 1: Using Salt and Hot Water Scrub

You are going to need:

  • Clean toothbrush
  • Hot water
  • Small bowl
  • Table salt

This is what you need to do:

  • Pour one cup (240 ml) of hot water into a small bowl.
  • Dissolve one tablespoon (17 grams) of table salt in the bowl of hot water.
  • Use a toothbrush to scrub the solution on the yellow bleach stain of your shoes.
  • Air dry the shoes for about 20 minutes before scrubbing it again with the solution.
  • Stop scrubbing the shoes when you see that the stain has been removed or has faded significantly.
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Option 2: Soaking Your Shoes in Cream of Tartar Solution

You are going to need:

  • Cream of tartar
  • Hot water
  • Large heat-proof container

These are the steps that you need to do:

  • Get a large container and fill it with four cups (950 ml) of very hot water.
  • Measure ½ cup (110 grams) of cream of tartar and mix it into the hot water.
  • Put your yellow stained shoes into the tartar solution and let it soak there for 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Take your shoes out from the cream of tartar solution and rinse them thoroughly in cold water.
  • Make sure that your shoes are completely before you wear them again.

Option 3: Washing Your Shoes Using Laundry Detergent and White Vinegar

You will need the following:

  • Clean toothbrush
  • Laundry detergent
  • Sink
  • Washing machine
  • Water
  • White vinegar

These are the steps that you need to do:

  • Take the shoelaces off from your white shoes.
  • Clean your sink and then fill it with lukewarm water.
  • Measure ½ (7.4 ml) of laundry detergent and mix it into the lukewarm water.
  • Place your shoes in the warm water in the sink and start scrubbing the stains using a toothbrush.
  • Remove your shoes from the solution once the yellow stains start to fade and place them in the washing machine.
  • After the washing machine is turned on and filled with water, slightly open the lid to add ½ (120 ml) of white vinegar to the water.
  • Dry the shoes completely after you remove them from the washing machine.
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Common Questions About Yellow Bleach Stains

Will Bleach Turn My White Shoes Yellow?

Using bleach will definitely turn your white shoes yellow. Bleach is likely the first thing you think of when coming up with ways to clean your white shoes. It seems like the best choice. The reason it turns your shoe yellow is the chemical reaction that the bleach will cause.

Your shoes will get those unsightly yellow stains that are most evident in white canvas.

Can You Put Shoes in the Dryer?

Yes, you can put your shoes in the dryer so that they will dry faster. This will guarantee that you can wear your shoes soon after removing the yellow stains. Just place your shoes inside the dryer with the low heat setting for about 30 minutes. In some cases, you might find that your shoes are still not quite dry after 30 minutes. All you need to do is to simply put the shoes back inside the dryer on the low heat setting again. Do this for another 30 minutes. 

How to Clean Rubber Shoes?

To clean rubber shoes, any of the methods mentioned above will do. But you might specifically want to know how to clean shoes that have rubber soles. If that is the case, then you can use a magic eraser for the purpose. A magic eraser is effective because it is made of melamine foam. Rubbing it with water makes it a kind of foam. This foam has micro structures that act as sandpaper that helps remove stains.

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You now know that cleaning your shoes using bleach comes with a price. It results in your shoes being left with unsightly yellow stains on them. Good thing there are several options for removing or reducing the stains. But there is a way to avoid all of this trouble. That would be to simply make sure to dilute the bleach before you use it on your shoes. The best way to dilute the bleach is to mix ¼ cup of it for every gallon of water. That or you could just use something else to clean your shoes instead of bleach.

How to Remove Yellow Bleach Stains from White Shoes

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