How to remove nicotine stains from your mustache

Tobacco contains nicotine which can cause unappealing stains and discoloration over time, especially with repeated exposure. For individuals who are regular smokers, nicotine stains are likely to form on your mustache. If you prefer not to shave or trim the stained facial hair, it’s possible to clean the stains out.

Read further to learn ways to remove nicotine stains from your mustache properly.

Effective method on how to remove nicotine stains from your mustache

If you have a mustache that is marred with nicotine stains, it can be undesirable to look at. The best approach is to trim your facial hair, but if you decide to keep it, an alternative is to clean the stains away. Simply follow these steps:

  • Prepare a mixture by combining 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 ½ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Stir both ingredients thoroughly using a toothbrush to create a paste-like mixture.
  • Scoop up the paste and brush it onto your mustache using your toothbrush. Make sure that the facial hair is coated heavily with the paste, covering from the roots up to the ends. Let it sit on your mustache for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse your mustache with warm water to remove the paste. Dry it with a clean towel. Check out your mustache to see if the nicotine stains are still there. If so, continue with the next step.
  • Moisten your mustache with warm water. Pour 3-4 drops of clarifying shampoo onto your fingers and work it in. Lather up the shampoo and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Rinse to wash away the shampoo and remaining nicotine stains. 
  • Dry your mustache with a towel.
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Tips on removing nicotine stains from your mustache

  • The best way to remove nicotine stains from your mustache is to trim off the stained hair.
  • You can lighten the discoloration by using a smoker’s toothpaste. Squeeze a decent amount on a brush and apply generously to your mustache. Let it sit for several minutes before rinsing it away. For the best results, add baking soda to the toothpaste. 
  • Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to deal with nicotine stains on your mustache. With a clean toothbrush, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse away thoroughly with clean water.
  • Nicotine stains on your mustache can reoccur unless the habit is stopped. As a preventive measure to lessen the staining, the person can exhale while smoking through their mouth instead of nose. Exhaling through the nose tends to stain the mustache faster. 
  • If the nicotine stains can’t be removed effectively, the only solution is to shave your mustache or quit smoking.

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More about removing stains in beard and hair

Does smoking toothpaste remove stains?

A “smoker’s” toothpaste is specially formulated for smokers. You can find several choices online and every brand has its unique formulation. 

Some prevent and remove stubborn stains, especially nicotine and tobacco stains, to restore the natural whiteness of teeth. Most usually have an extra minty flavor to freshen the breath.

How do you remove nicotine from your hair?

For those who smoke cigarettes and are exposed to secondhand smoke, one of the unwanted side effects is the oily residue accumulation in the hair. It is important to note that cigarette smoke appears to linger in your hair long after being exposed to it, and it is even worse among heavy smokers. Luckily, for those who are often exposed to smoke, there are ways to eliminate the residue and odor of nicotine easily and quickly, without damaging your hair.

  • Prepare a rinsing solution that will neutralize the odor and remove the oily buildup of nicotine from your hair. Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 2 cups of distilled water and 6 tablespoons dark beer.
  • Wash your hair as usual and apply the rinsing solution after your shower. Make sure that the rinsing solution penetrates the scalp. Remember that the source of the oily nicotine residue originates from the oil glands in the scalp.
  • Rinse the hair gently with pure water or leave the rinsing solution in the hair for the best results, wringing dry and style as usual. Allowing the solution to remain on your hair will not cause any damage since apple cider vinegar has the same pH level as the scalp. The scent of apple cider vinegar is noticeable as the hair is drying, but it is no longer noticeable once it dries thoroughly.
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You can use the rinsing solution as often as needed to maintain hair that is free from nicotine residue.

How do I get the yellow out of my beard?

For many men, a graying beard is an expected part of life. Sadly, yellowing is also a common issue as gray hair starts to age. There are various brightening shampoos and conditioners available on the market that are specially formulated for gray hair and can also be applied on beards. Most of these products include toners that lightly dye gray hair. The dye lessens the brassiness to get rid of the yellowish tinge and restores the beard to vibrant gray color. Simply follow these steps on how to deal with yellowing of your beard.

  • Moisten your beard with distilled water. The chlorine in tap water is often partly responsible for the yellowing in a person with a gray beard.
  • Lather a brightening shampoo in your beard. Work it in to ensure that the whole beard is covered, not only the yellow hair.
  • Rinse out the shampoo using distilled water after the set time in the packaging instructions. Do not go beyond the given time. Extended exposure might give the gray in your beard a bluish tint. 
  • Pat your beard dry with a clean towel.

Final thoughts

Nicotine stains on your mustache can be undesirable to look at. Most find it embarrassing to have an uneven-looking mustache. Luckily, you can deal with nicotine stains using a variety of methods. With the techniques described on how to remove nicotine stains from your mustache, you can achieve a clean look without the unappealing nicotine stains.

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