How to remove organic stains from pool

How to remove organic stains from pool

A swimming pool can be a luxury but it requires regular care and maintenance to ensure that it is clean and free from pool stains. With this in mind, you must be familiar with ways on how to remove organic stains from the pool.

Some of these pool stains are organic that can take on a greenish or brownish color but can be easily eliminated. Read further to learn ways on how to effectively deal with pool stains.

Remove most organic stains: the quick answer

A way to get rid of a lot of the organic stains in your pool is by shocking the pool with a chlorine product. Use a heavy dose of chlorine and scrub the stain with a brush. If the organic stain is at the waterline, you can use an enzyme cleaner.

Identifying the types of pool stains

For every pool owner out there, it requires regular maintenance and getting rid of stains is a major component of any maintenance regimen. Luckily, it is an easy task that you can do.

Various types of organic stains can end up in your swimming pool. Those that are brown and green are organic and originate from leaves or natural debris and often look like algae. These stains are the easiest to remove.

Some of the more stubborn stains are dark or reddish in appearance which is usually metallic and originate from copper, iron or manganese. These metals might be present in the water, especially if the pH levels are not properly maintained or if you live in a hard water area. Remember that it is important to determine the root cause of the pool stains.

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Steps on dealing with organic pool stains

In case you have organic stains in your swimming pool, let us now take a close look at the cleaning process.

  • The initial phase in getting rid of organic pool stains involves shocking the pool with chlorine. Do this by adding a heavy dose of chlorine and scrubbing the stain with a brush. In most instances, this method can effectively eradicate the stain.
  • If the stain is at the waterline, you can utilize an enzyme-based agent. These cleaners erase the oils that bind the dirt at the waterline and work by eliminating any stains with minimal or no scrubbing on your part. Finish cleaning by using a tile or vinyl cleaner specifically made for swimming pools to remove any lingering pool stains.
  • For stains that require hard scrubbing, you can utilize ascorbic acid or diphosphonic acid-based cleaners. These are more effective on stubborn stains. With this approach, it is ideally done during the winter when the pool is drained and you can access the entire area. Make sure that the pool is covered during the winter to prevent the entry of debris that can lead to the formation of organic pool stains.

How to deal with metal stains

If there are metal stains in your pool, it is recommended to have the water analyzed to determine the source of the metal. Once the stains persist, try to fill the pool in half with fresh water which does not have metal constituents. Leave it to disseminate for 2 days and re-test the water.

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These stains can be removed by using an ascorbic or diphosphonic acid-based cleaner along with hard scrubbing on your part, ideally during the winter as stated earlier.

An alternative method in getting rid of metal pool stains is using a pH reducer. With an old sock, pour around ½ pound of pH reducer inside. Secure tightly the sock and with a pole, hold it over the stain for 10 minutes. There is no need to scrub it backward and forward, but simply allow it to rest over the stain. Once you are done, de-chlorinate the pool.


Why is the bottom of my pool turning brown?

The brown pool stains can give an appearance that the bottom of the swimming pool is turning brown. It has a few causes namely algae, metal or the buildup of dirt.

When you start noticing brownish-black stains on the sides of the pool, metal might be the usual cause. As for brown stains that are concentrated on the bottom of the pool, it might be due to dirt stains, usually enhanced by the accumulation of calcium.

What causes brown stains in swimming pools?

Once there are brown stains in the pool water, you might have second thoughts on taking the plunge.

Aside from the brown stains brought about by the buildup of dirt or metals, it might also be caused by the high concentration of iron. This concentration should be below 0.2 mg/L or else iron oxides accumulate due to the air oxidation. Once the concentration level is too high, it results in the brownish discoloration of the pool water that leads to the formation of brown stains.

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How do I get rust off the bottom of my pool?

If you want to get rid of the rust that builds up at the bottom of the swimming pool, the initial task is to figure out the source before attempting to remove it. This approach will prevent the issue from recurring in the future.

  • Sock method. With this method, wear protective gear before filling up an old sock with granular acids such as ascorbic acid or sodium bisulphate. Add into the sock and tie with a knot. With a pool pole, position the sock over the stain. If there is a lingering stain, brush with a steel bristled-pool brush during and after.
  • Vitamin C tablets. Since these are made of ascorbic acid, they can effectively deal with rust stains. Simply rub a large vitamin C tablet over the stain. An alternative approach is to place several tablets in a sealable bag and pulverize into powder form. Sprinkle this powder over rust stains and vigorously brush.
  • Pipe method. Utilize a 1.5 or 2 inches PVC pipe directly over the rust stain but make sure that one end is above the water. Pour an acid such as mild muriatic acid. Position the pipe over the stain for up to 30 seconds and move it in a circular pattern around the stain.

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Final thoughts

Depending on the type of swimming pool that you have, keeping it clean and free from either organic or rust stains is important. These methods on how to remove organic stains from the pool as well as rust stains will surely come in handy during regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool.

How to remove organic stains from pool

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