How to remove rust stains from linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring is considered durable but it can still end up with stains, particularly rust. In most instances, stains can be removed using non-corrosive cleaning products. Sadly, once you discover rust stains on your linoleum flooring, it can be unappealing to look at. Read further to learn ways on how to remove rust stains from linoleum flooring.

Methods on how to remove rust stains from linoleum flooring

If you have linoleum flooring in the kitchen or bathroom, you might discover rust marks at the foundation of a cabinet or beneath an appliance. Let us now take a look at the methods on how to remove rust stains from linoleum flooring. 

Using a commercial rust remover

  • Wash the stained area using a solution of liquid detergent and warm water. 
  • Apply a rust remover. Simply follow the instructions on the label carefully. 

Using cream of tartar

  • Mix cream of tartar with a small amount of water to create a paste. 
  • Dab the mixture onto the stained areas.
  • Scrub the site using a cloth or towel.
  • Rinse the site thoroughly with clean water.

Using a vinegar solution

  • Prepare a solution by mixing 1-part vinegar with 2-parts water.
  • Apply this solution on the stained area. Wipe with a cloth until the stain vanishes. 

Take note that vinegar can make the surface of the linoleum flooring look dull, so it must be used carefully.

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Other cleaning products that you can use to get rid of rust stains include denatured alcohol or a solution of baking soda and water or 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.


A close look on linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring is generally made of natural materials. Pine rosin, solidified linseed oil, ground cork dust, mineral fillers, and wood flour are combined to create the base and the foundation of the material. 

When linoleum flooring is installed, it should be carried out by a professional since it involves certain precautions. Although it is resistant to water, it requires a coating of a water sealant. If any areas are missed, it can lead to future water damage. 

This type of flooring has a lifespan of around 20 years. Sadly, if not professionally installed, it is prone to water damage. An advantage of linoleum is that it can endure wear and tear. 

When it comes to repair and maintenance, an area can be fixed with a new tile or patch without requiring complete replacement. As for maintenance, linoleum can be sensitive to certain cleaners and often need an application of a protective coating every year and periodic waxing.

Can you use CLR on vinyl flooring?

CLR can be used to clean vinyl flooring. Just make sure that the cleaning solution is diluted and thoroughly rinsed away from the surface within 2 minutes. 

Based on studies, the top coating of the vinyl flooring can be affected if CLR in full strength is left on the surface for 5 minutes or longer. 

Does baking soda remove rust stains on linoleum?

If you discover rust stains on your linoleum floor, it can be undesirable to look at. Luckily, you can clean your linoleum floor by using a combination of baking soda and vinegar. 

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Simply saturate the rust stain with white vinegar and let it soak for up to 30 minutes. After soaking, the stain should have softened and most of it should fade. 

What is the best rust remover?

When it comes to rust remover products, there are various choices in the market. There are acid-based products that have been the traditional choice to get rid of rust stains and the newer formulations that depend on chemicals to either remove rust or convert it into a different substance. 

  • For the best all-around spray, go for “Rust Kutter Remover and Converter”. This is simple product to use that is dual purpose. It gets rid of rust stains and converts into a primer-ready layer. It dehydrates within 30 minutes where you can wipe away the rust. The product is effective on a variety of exterior and interior surfaces such as tile, tools, masonry, and marble. 
  • For household needs, go for “Iron OUT”. This product includes sodium metabisulfite as well as sodium hydrosulfite which are crystals that can erase rust. It is safe for use in the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen. 
  • For a multipurpose cleaner, go for “CLR PRO Calcium Lime Rust Remover”. With its combination of potent yet non-toxic ingredients, it is one of the versatile cleaners suitable for both home and outdoor use. It is highly effective on outdoor equipment, rusty tools, stainless steel, car parts, ceramic tile, plastic, glass, and even fiberglass surfaces. 

Final thoughts

Once you discover rust stains on your linoleum flooring, they can be undesirable to look at. Luckily, with the methods discussed on how to remove rust stains from linoleum flooring, you can easily get rid of the stains and keep your floor looking good as new. 

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