How to Remove Turmeric Stains from Nails

You probably enjoy turmeric in its many forms. Turmeric tea is perfect for a cold morning. Fresh turmeric is what you need for that flavorful smoothie. And you also add it to your favorite curry dish. So consume a lot of turmeric and you just love its rich flavor. But you gotta be aware of the problem that it brings. Yes, it stains. It stains and it’s going to stain anything and everything. The problem is that it’s a stubborn kind of stain. How do you deal with it? Read on to know what you can do to remove it.

Steps to Remove Turmeric Stains from Nails

As with fabric, dishes, and other materials, turmeric stains on nails can be removed. The only catch is that you need to act as quickly as you can in order to remove it easily. Turmeric stains being of the stubborn kind, you cannot afford to let time pass by. Act as soon as you have the opportunity to do so. 

These are the steps that you need to follow so you can remove turmeric stains from your nails as well as from your hands:

  • You will need either lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide for the purpose. Rub your nails and your hands with either of the two. Or you can also choose to soak your fingernails in a small bowl that contains one of the two.
  • In between soaking your fingernails into either hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice, wash your hands. For best results, wash your hands using warm and soapy water.
  • Some turmeric stains might prove to be a little more stubborn than others. If you encounter that type of stain, then you can use a toothbrush to make sure that you are able to remove most of not all of the stains.
  • Do not be surprised if the stain does not go away right away. It might take as long as two days for it to be completely gone.
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Common Questions About Turmeric Stains

How do You Remove Yellow Stains from Acrylic Nails?

You could adopt a strategy that will keep your nails from being stained. This is to use a base coat each time you paint your nails. This is going to help you create a barrier that is basically stain-proof. If you couldn’t create this barrier for some reason, then follow the steps below.

These are the steps that you need to follow to remove the yellow stains:

  • Mix one-half cup of warm water with 3 to 4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Stir it well.
  • Soak your nails for about two minutes. You can sit down and relax while you are doing so.
  • Get a soft, clean toothbrush. Use it to scrub and buff your nail’s surface. If needed, you can re-dip the toothbrush into the mixture in the bowl.
  • After scrubbing, rinse your hands. You could even put on some lotion on your hands after it dries.

How do You Fix Discolored Nails?

Discolored nails are not really an attractive sight. If you have them, you would like to fix them right away. So just how do you fix discolored nails?

Try these options to help you fix the problem:

  • You can use a teeth whitening toothpaste to do the job. It is to get it since it could already be in your bathroom at the moment. Choose a baby toothbrush to scrub the whitening toothpaste on your nails.
  • Another option is to use lemon juice to fix your discolored nails. Simply soak your nails in warm water that has been mixed with lemon juice to remove the stains and discoloration.
  • For your third option, you could use a nail whitening system. This kind of products, just as teeth whitening products exist. It contains antioxidants to help in purifying the nail bed and remove the stains.
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Can Nail Polish Cause Nail Discoloration?

You would like to know if nail polish can cause nail discoloration. After all, your nail should at least appear translucent.

The answer is yes, nail polish can cause your nails to become discolored. After it is applied to the nails, nail polish can penetrate and then stain the deeper layers of keratin that are found in the nails. 

Leave nail polish on your nails for just one week and it will surely leave a stain on it. The nail polish colors that are the most likely to cause discoloration are the red and orange colors. Discoloration can also be caused by nail hardeners that might contain formalin or glyoxal.

Treating the discoloration caused by nail polish is not very difficult. You simply take a break from applying nail polish to your nails. Do this even for just two to three weeks and you will find it to be effective.


As we mentioned a couple of times above, turmeric stains can be one of the more stubborn stains you can encounter. But that’s okay, for as long as you can recover quickly and do what is necessary to remove the stains at once. Knowing the materials to use and the correct steps is the key for a successful stain removal.

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