How to remove water stains from fabric furniture

Throughout the years, water has been used to clean and wash almost any material, so it can be ironic for water to leave behind stains on fabric. These stains on the fabric furniture can be annoying to deal with especially if you do not know how to get rid of them. Luckily, water stains can be eliminated from fabric furniture readily with a few materials and tools. Read further to learn the techniques on how to remove water stains from fabric furniture. 

Steps on how to remove water stains from fabric furniture

When faced with water stains on fabric furniture, let us take a look at these steps to ensure proper removal.

  • With a moist cloth, place it over the site of the water stain to moisten it. Place a heap of paper towels directly on top of the stain.
  • Weigh down the paper towels using some books or any heavy object around the stain.
  • With a hairdryer, switch it to the coolest setting. Direct the hairdryer at the water stain to allow the transfer of moisture from the fabric to the paper towels.
  • Remove the books and paper towels to inspect if the water stain is removed. 
  • If there are lingering traces of the stain, apply vinegar. Simply moisten a clean cloth or towel with white vinegar. Do an initial test first by dabbing it on a concealed area of the furniture to ensure that it will not damage the fabric. 
  • Dab it onto the water stain, starting from the outside and working toward the middle. Leave in place for a few minutes and rinse off thoroughly by dabbing the site with a damp cloth. 
  • Dry off the site using a dry towel thoroughly.
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Does water stain a couch?

For some homeowners, they might come upon a stain on the couch, usually due to a recent water spill. Unless the water is dirty, colored or combined with another element, clean water will not cause any stains on the fabric. 

Nevertheless, the minerals present in the water such as iron and manganese can potentially precipitate on a piece of thin fabric and form rust-colored stains once it oxidizes with oxygen. 

When dealing with water stains on a couch, it is vital to clean the site right away to ensure the effective removal of the stain.

What causes water stains on fabric

Although it is common know-how to launder stains out of clothing using water, you might end up in a standstill on how to deal with a stain brought about by water. 

A water stain can form once the water molecules move into the fibers of the fabric and dislodge these fibers. This motion triggers the microscopic fibers to take on a different positioning and manifests as a discolored or washed-out spot on the fabric. Take note that the water itself does not trigger the stain unless it is cloudy water. 

Water stains are likely to form often on delicate fabrics such as rayon and silk. On washable fabrics, a stain can be washed away easily with regular laundry. As for non-washable fabrics, it can be a tricky ordeal. 

How do you get water stains out of microfiber?

Microfiber fabric is prone to water stains since its fibers are fine. With so many thin fibers, the fabric has a large amount of surface area that readily takes in water. When dealing with water stains on microfiber fabric, there are techniques that you can use to get rid of water stains. 

  • Detergent and water. When cleaning a microfiber couch, vacuum first to remove surface dirt and dust. Prepare a mild detergent solution. With a cloth, dip into the solution and rub on the stain. When the stain is removed, rinse the site with a cloth moistened with clear water. Dry the fabric using a hairdryer. Do not allow the water to evaporate or it will leave another stain.
  • Rubbing alcohol. If you are going to use rubbing alcohol, it rapidly evaporates and will not leave behind water stains. Spritz it on the fabric and use a sponge to scrub on the stain. Continue scrubbing until no more residue is transferred to the sponge. Allow the site to dry and fluff it up with a soft-bristled brush. 
  • Three-part cleaning method. After saturating the fabric with alcohol and scrubbing, wipe down with baby wipes. For every wipe, discard and use a new one. Continue until there is no more discoloration on the baby wipes. Dry the fabric using a hairdryer to hasten the evaporation process and prevent a new stain from forming. 
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Final thoughts

Water stains can make any fabric furniture undesirable to look at especially a couch. If you want to deal with these stains effectively, the methods on how to remove water stains from fabric furniture discussed above will surely come in handy in getting rid of the stains in no time.

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