What is the best electric pressure washer?

What is the best electric pressure washer?

Electric pressure washers are great for cleaning and washing various household related surfaces and objects like grills, windows, swimming pools, patios and more. However, for efficient cleaning, it is necessary to have a proper electric pressure washer. 

The best electric pressure washer

The Sun Joe – SPX3000 is one of the best electric pressure washers on the market today. Its lightweight nature, powerful pressure properties, detergent selection options, and noiseless operation have made it the favorite electric pressure washer for a lot of people. 

Let’s take a look at this electric pressure washer: its features, benefits, price range, and reviews. 

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The Sun Joe – SPX3000 Electric pressure washer

The Sun Joe Electric pressure washer is one of the most well-rated pressure washers available. 

The Sun Joe – SPX3000 electric pressure washer’s versatility makes it stand out amongst its other competitors. It has a wide range of nozzles, settings, and detergent facilities, which make it a go-to-pressure washer for both household and workplace needs. 

This electric pressure washer is lightweight and easy to carry wherever the user wants to. Its wheels are extra smooth so it’s easy to move. 

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Although its lightweight, this pressure washer is one of the strongest out there. From the fitting parts to the hoses, everything is made up of durable and tough plastic. So, you won’t need to buy another pressure washer for years!

Even though it has a surprisingly high range of pressure, it doesn’t generate much noise and it’s simple to use, even for an inexperienced person. All you have to do is press a button and you’re good to go.

Specifications of Sun Joe – SPX3000

Some of the specifications of Sun Joe-SPX3000 we liked are:

  • A solid maximum pressure of 2,030 PSI. This high range is extremely rare in other pressure washers. 
  • A power cord of 35-feet can make the cleaning of large areas easy and doable. 
  • The weight is around 31 pounds, making it easy to carry. 
  • Comes with a 20-foot pressure hose that can make outdoor cleaning easy and quick.
  • The extension spray stick or wand has a length of 34-inch, so no more facing difficulty in cleaning elevated areas. 
  • Can focus the pressured water jets through its handy water trigger spray or wand. 

High-quality features

Let’s take a look at some of the excellent features of Sun Joe – SPX3000.

Two types of detergent tanks for dual purposes

Certain electric pressure washers have just one type of detergent tank. However, with this machine, there are two types of detergent tanks. In these tanks, one can store different types of detergents as per the cleaning regime. 

The onboard capacity is 0.9 liters for individual removable detergent tanks. 

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Safety lock to save the energy

Pressure washers, usually, take up a lot of energy. However, this pressure washer has a safety lock switch that turns off the pump, reduces energy usage, and increase its lifespan! 

High pressure generation 

As mentioned earlier, the Sun Joe – SPX3000 generates excellent water pressure of 2,030 PSI. This can help in removing the most stubborn specks of dirt from the items. 

Additionally, the amount of water flow nears about 1.76 GPM, which is enough for cleaning efficiently. 

Motor Power 

This electric pressure washer’s motor generates around 14.5 amperes current, with 1,800-watt power. This means the motor works efficiently even for longer hours and increases the effectiveness of the machine. 

It’s lightweight nature

One of the major benefits of Sun Joe – SPX3000 is its lightweight feature. Cleaning can get tiresome if the machine is too heavy. However, you can easily move around with this pressure washer due to its light weight and smooth, yet sturdy wheels. 

Reduced Noise

Despite the increased water pressure limit, the Sun Joe pressure washer only makes just about 81 dB of noise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sun Joe-SPX3000 good to use?

Yes, with its water-pressure capacity, you can clean even the dirtiest of the stains with little effort. Additionally, you can carry it around wherever you want due to its light weight. It is also easy to use for first-time electric pressure washer users.

Where are Sun Joe products manufactured?

The manufacturing company – Sun Joe is considered a trusted brand for outdoor machines and items. Located in New Jersey, Sun Joe products are available all over the US.

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Sun Joe products are usually manufactured in the US, China, Canada, and India. If we are specifically talking about pressure washers, they are manufactured in China and the US. The product designs are created in Carlstadt, New Jersey. 

Can you use bleach in Sun Joe pressure washers?

You shouldn’t use bleach with the pressure washer. This is because the bleach can cause corrosion of the important pressure washer parts and damage the machine. 

What is the best electric pressure washer?

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