Can I pressure wash block paving?

Can I pressure wash block paving?

The pressure washer has a lot of cleaning purposes. From cleaning window panes to garages, a pressure washer is a solution to many cleaning predicaments. Using a pressure washer is also an excellent way to clean a block pavement. 

Should you power wash block paving?

Pressure washing your block pavement is one of the easiest ways to clean it because of its speediness, effectiveness, and efficiency. It can take you hours to clean a block pavement by hand, but with a pressure washer, it takes much less time. 

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How to clean a block pavement with a pressure washer

Most pressure washers are easy to use. However, to get a shiny, clean pavement, you need to follow some instructions to help you save your time and effort. 

Step 1: Clear the surroundings

Before you begin, clear the area of any extra garbage or debris. This can include things like dead leaves, moss, weeds and plastic garbage.

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Step 2: Start from the corner

When you start, we suggest pressure washing the corners of the driveway or patio first and staying away from cars, buildings, and other property.

After that, slowly advance towards the pavement to avoid getting your windows and doors dirty. 

Step 3: Gently clean the pavement

As fun as it is to use a pressure washer, make sure you use it gently and evenly. You must cover every portion of the pavement properly. A failure in doing so may make your pavement look uneven and messy. 

To ensure more uniformity and effectiveness, use a good cleaning solution on the pavement before you start. Read here to learn about what sprays you can use on your pavement before starting.

Step 4: Remove the extra dirt

If your pavement is really dirty, you may still see a lot of dirt after pressure washing. Sweep away any loose dirt, or pressure wash the dirty area again. 

Step 5: Finish up

The last step is to finish up by adding jointing sand to the joining areas of your pavement that may have been washed away. This can make your pavement look more uniform.

Tips before pressure washing 

Here are some tips you should consider before you pressure wash block paving. 

Apply a cleaner first 

To make it a lot easier to remove the dirt, try using a cleaner before power washing. A good bleacher will work perfectly. Also, you can try environment-friendly cleaners. They can kill all the algae spores and moss and keep your paving cleaner for a long time. 

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Sweep, sweep, and sweep

It is always a good idea to use a stiff broom and sweep before pressure washing. This can help remove any loose dirt, stones, cement, and any other debris. It can also help prevent the pressure washing from ruining your paving blocks. 

Use a weed killer 

Dead weed and moss are a lot easier to remove. So, try using a weed-killer a week before pressure washing. Make sure that the weed and moss are dead before you start pressure washing,

Remove oil stains

If your paving has any grease or oil stains, try using a cleaner before you start pressure washing. This will make it much easier to remove the stains with the water jet. If you did not use a cleaner, the stains will remain even after pressure washing. 

Read here to learn more about getting rid of oil stains on pavers.

Get a rotary head attachment 

A rotary head attachment is important for your pressure washer if you are using it in a small place. It will prevent your surroundings from getting dirty. So, consider getting one if you do not want to annoy your neighbors. 

Important things to keep in mind 

Do not overuse your pressure washer 

Overusing your pressure washer on paving blocks can do more harm than good. Only use your pressure washer to gently clean the surface. Also, using the pressure washer at maximum force may not be a good idea as it could abrade the surface of the paving blocks. 

Do not lose the jointing sand

Jointing sand is the sand located between your paving blocks. It keeps it strong and locked together. Using your pressure washer with maximum force at a close range can blow the sand out. This will leave the blocks weakened and easy to remove. 

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Pressure wash at an angle

Holding the lance of the pressure washer at a 45° angle is optimal for cleaning paving blocks. It will prevent the water from abrading the surface and removing the jointing sand. Never point the lance straight down directly at the paving blocks, as it could result in serious damage. 

Frequently asked questions

Does pressure washing result in white stains on the surface of the paving blocks?

Using a pressure washer can cause white stains on block paving, but only on newly laid blocks. This is because of the salt released by the paving. If your blocks are old enough, pressure washing will not cause any stains. 

Is pressure washing paving blocks safe?

As long as your blocks are sealed properly and old enough to be pressure washed, pressure washing block paving is safe. Make sure you follow the directions and it shouldn’t cause any damage. 

When should I pressure wash my paving blocks?

Spring and autumn are the best times for pressure washing. It is better to have clean blocks before winter comes in to prevent dirty, slippery pavement. Cleaning in spring is also good to clean away any salt left from the winter and make sure weeds and other plants don’t start growing. It’s also always okay to pressure wash during the summer.

Can I pressure wash block paving?

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