How to remove bird poop stains from concrete (+video)

Bird poop or droppings is considered a type of organic stain. Once birds poop on concrete surfaces, they leave behind a stain that contains feces along with their food such as nuts, berries, and seeds. These can contribute to the formation of an unsightly stain as it soaks into the porous concrete surface. 

Remove bird poop from concrete

To clean bird poop stains off concrete, start by hosing off the concrete. Then pour liquid dishwashing detergent on the stain. Cover the foamy spot with sawdust and let it absorb for 20 min. Sweep it away with a broom. Tackle lingering stains with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

When dealing with bird poop stains from concrete, it requires removal from the surface and drawing it out of the concrete so that it can be restored to its pristine condition. Read further to learn the steps on how to remove bird poop stains from concrete effectively.

Steps on how to remove bird poop stains from concrete

If your concrete driveway or pathway ends up with bird poop stains, it is vital to deal with them right away. Let us take a look at the steps of getting rid of these unsightly stains. 

  • Hose off the concrete to get rid of the bird poop from the surface.
  • Pour liquid dishwashing detergent on the site of the bird poop stains, making sure to cover them entirely. With a bristled brush, work the detergent into the concrete while loosening and removing the remaining stain.
  • Cover the foamy stains with sawdust and leave in place so that it will absorb the water and soap. This is an environmentally-friendly approach to get rid of the soap instead of rinsing it away into the grass. Allow the sawdust to absorb for 20 minutes and sweep up with a broom and dustpan.
  • Tackle any lingering stains or discoloration by preparing a solution of 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide and 3 drops of ammonia. Pour this solution over the lingering stain. 
  • Scrub the concrete with a bristled brush and leave in place for a few minutes. Add sawdust to absorb the solution. Sweep up after the sawdust completely dries up. 
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A close look at bird droppings

Bird poop or droppings is essentially a combination of its urine and feces. Generally, birds urinate and defecate at once via a single exit. The white part is the urine which is technically uric acid while the rest is the poop.

Just like other animals, bird droppings are made up of bacteria along with digested and undigested food that the birds eat. This often includes worms, insects, pollen, berries, seeds, and other small items. 

Remember that bird droppings can also carry diseases which is why it is vital to take the necessary precautions when cleaning up bird poop. It is vital to wear gloves, a mask, and protective clothing. 

Video: How to clean dried bird poop off concrete

How to clean chicken poop off concrete

When faced with the task of cleaning chicken poop off concrete surfaces, let us take a look at these steps.

  • Scrape up the chicken poop with a putty knife or any similar tool. This will reduce the amount of poop that will spread to the surrounding concrete. 
  • Hose the area down to clean off as much debris as possible. For stubborn stains, it might be best to use a power washer. 
  • Pour some liquid dishwashing detergent on the site of the chicken poop. Use a stiff-bristled brush and scrub on the stains. Rinse the concrete with a hose.
  • In case you do not want to rinse the chicken droppings into the surrounding area, place something dry and absorbent on top of the loosened droppings. If there are only a few droppings, you can use either a rag or paper towel. For large amounts of chicken poop, cover with either sawdust or cat litter and wait for a while before sweeping it up. 
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How to clean bird poop off brick

Bird poop can be unsightly especially it if ends up on brick surfaces. It is important to note that it is also highly acidic and rapidly dries, making it hard to clean up. If left for some time, the bird droppings can solidify and cause damage on surfaces. If you spot bird poop on brick surfaces, follow these steps:

  • Moisten the spot with warm water. If the bird poop is accessible, wet with warm water before cleaning. Pour the water directly or soak a cloth and cover the area. The warmth and moisture of the water will soften the stain, loosening its hold on the hard, porous surface.
  • Leave in place for a few minutes. Allow the warm water enough time to soften the stain. Remember that bird poop dry into a thick paste which makes it hard to clean if dry.
  • Utilize a hose to clean the bird poop. The continuous stream of the water should finish the job after wetting the site. Go over the stain until it is gone. 
  • If there are stubborn traces left, use a stiff brush and scour the area, re-wetting as needed. The bristles will dig into the crevices in the brick to scrape away any leftover bird poop. 

Can I use vinegar to clean bird poop?

When dealing with bird poop, especially from a smooth surface such as glass. One home remedy that you can use to effectively clean bird poop is no other than white vinegar. 

Simply prepare a solution by mixing equal amounts of white vinegar and water. Spray this solution thoroughly over the area with bird droppings. Allow to soak for a few minutes and brush off the droppings. 

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If the surface is wood, do not allow to soak for a long time since moisture will cause it to crack or warp.

Final thoughts

Bird poop or droppings can cause undesirable stains on various surfaces. If left untouched for some time, they can be difficult to remove. If you want to effectively deal with bird poop stains, the methods discussed above on how to remove bird poop stains from concrete and other surfaces will ensure that they are clean as well as stain-free.

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