How to remove paintball stains from clothes

After an exciting day of paintball with friends, your favorite paintball attire is probably coated with spots of paint. It’s important you wash your clothes right away when you get home. Although most detergents can eliminate the hydrophilic fill in paintballs, certain brands can be quite stubborn to remove.

Steps on how to remove paintball stains from clothes

When you get home after a paintball game and want to remove stains from your clothes, the first thing you need to do is clean your clothes immediately and properly. This will guarantee that they will stay free from stains and ready for your next paintball game.

  • Before washing, get rid of any sticks, leaves, or burrs on your clothes since these can damage the washing machine.
  • Pre-treat any paintball stains on your clothes with a liquid detergent, powder detergent or stain remover of your choice. In case a stain remover is not available, prepare a mixture by combining equal amounts of dish detergent and water. Spray this mixture directly on the stain.
  • Work the stain remover or detergent into the stain and leave it in place for 2-5 minutes before washing.
  • After the pre-treatment, wash as usual using the highest possible temperature based on the fabric care label. If the garment is cotton or cotton blend, it will be fine in this setting. The setting will work effectively in eliminating stains, regardless of the detergent you use.
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How to get rid of paintball fill on clothes

The paintball fill includes sorbitol, propylene glycol, dye, and oftentimes wax. These elements can be removed with proper care.

  • Propylene glycol. This is the main component in paintball fill, which is a colorless, transparent, viscous liquid that can form hydrogen bonds with water. Luckily, this makes it easy to remove under a normal wash with detergent. 
  • Sorbitol. This is also a humectant that should wash out entirely. Simply follow the fabric care label and instructions on your detergent.
  • Dyes. The dye used in paintballs is the same grade as food dyes. These dyes wash out completely from clothes, but make sure that you wash immediately. If left on the fabric for some time, the dye will penetrate deeper into the fibers and become harder to remove. 

Dealing with persistent paintball stains

If the garment was washed quickly, yet the paintball stain persists, simply soak it in a solution of ½ teaspoon dish detergent, 1 tablespoon ammonia, and 1-quart warm water for up to 30 minutes. If you’re concerned about the colorfastness, check this solution on a concealed spot.

For cotton garments, this solution is the ideal option. 

After 30 minutes, pre-treat the stained area using a stain agent product or brush more detergent into the site before washing normally in the washer.

Does paintball wash out of clothes?

Paintballs are specially designed to be environmentally-friendly, water-soluble, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic, including the paint fill. After an exhilarating game of paintball, you might be wondering if the clothes that you used can be cleaned. 

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Does paintball stains come out?

Luckily, the paintball usually comes out after a wash. Just make sure that clothes that are covered in paintball stains are washed right away. In most cases, the paintball splats will wash away entirely from the garments.

Will my clothes get ruined at paintball?

For those who love to play paintball with family and friends, one question that might come into mind is whether the clothes will be ruined by the paintball. If you wash your stained clothes immediately after a paintball game, there is a low likelihood for the clothes to end up damaged.

Will hydrogen peroxide remove paintball paint?

The paintball paint can be hard to remove. As the paintballs explode upon impact at high speeds, it can cause the paint to quickly penetrate surfaces. If you discover paintball paint on your brick house, the removal is an easy process. Let us take a look at the steps.

  • Wash the site using a soap and water solution. 
  • Utilize a garden hose on full power to break up as much of the stain as possible.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to work on the stain. It is important to note that paintballs are usually made from oil-based paint, so they can easily break up once in contact with hydrogen peroxide. 
  • Soak a cloth or cotton balls in hydrogen peroxide. Rub over the paintball stain until completely removed. 
  • Rinse the site again using the garden hose to get rid of lingering paint or hydrogen peroxide residue.

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Final thoughts

When your clothes end up with brightly-colored paintball stains, you should deal with the stains immediately. By following the steps described, you can effectively remove paintball stains and your clothes will be ready for your next paintball game.

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