How to remove sweat stains from glasses frames

how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames

Glasses are a necessary accessory that can enhance the look of your face. They come in various shapes and designs, and help our eyes to see better. They also protect us from harmful ultraviolent sun rays and can simply make us look cooler! For many, they are increasingly a must-have item.

Considering they’re a prominent feature on our faces, it’s important to keep them clean. They’re prone to stains from fingers, the elements and sweat. So, how do we then remove sweat stains from glasses? It’s simple.

Sweat stains can be removed glasses with a variety of products such as mild soap, vinegar, lotion-free liquid dish soap, and Bar Keepers Friend.

What you will need to remove sweat stains from glasses frames

So, what happens when you notice some milky white oxidation or sweat stains on your glasses frames? This means it is about time you consider cleaning them. Sweat stains occur due to perspiration from our skin that is accompanied by dirt, oils, and skincare products. They can lead to unpresentable patches on the glasses frames.

The following familiar and readily available items can be used to get rid of the sweat stains on your glasses:

  1. Mild soap
  2. Distilled white vinegar
  3. Lotion-free liquid dish soap
  4. Bar Keepers Friend

Using mild soap and water

This is the most common method for cleaning any glass frames. Regardless of the design and type, you will need the following:

  1. 1 spoon of mild liquid dishwashing soap
  2. 2 liters of lukewarm water
  3. A cotton swab 
  4. A microfiber cloth
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  1. Run the lukewarm water all over the glasses, it’s ok to get the lenses wet as well.
  2. Wet your hands with water and rub the mild soap on your hands, you can rub your hands together as well to form suds.
  3. Wipe the entire frame thoroughly with your lathered fingers; ensure you cover all regions along with the frames where they meet the lenses and on the temple as well.
  4. Rinse the glasses frames with lukewarm water and dry the frames with the microfiber cloth.
  5. Using the cotton swab clean the regions where the glasses meet the frames to clean out any built-up dirt that may still be trapped within.
  6. Pat the glass frames and lenses dry with the microfiber cloth. 

Using distilled white vinegar

Vinegar is a well-known cleaning agent that has been in use for years as a cleaning hack. Regarding glasses, it is highly preferred as when combined with water, as it can cut through greasy sweat stains and discourage condensation from forming on your glasses frames.

To clean with vinegar you will need:

  1. 1 cup of  lukewarm water
  2. 1 cup of distilled white vinegar
  3. A cotton swab
  4. A microfiber cloth


  1. Mix the distilled white vinegar and lukewarm water in a container evenly.
  2. If possible, get a sprayer that you can put in the solution and spray the glasses, if a sprayer is not available, you can dampen the glasses even by sprinkling.
  3. Using the microfiber cloth to clean it dry, you can buff the lenses dry as well with the microfiber cloth.
  4. Using the cotton swab as well, clean the regions where the glasses meet the frames to clean out accumulated dirt.
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Using a lotion-free liquid dish soap

Lotion free dishwashing liquid is preferred because it does not contain additional lanolin or oils for skin softening. These harsh chemicals are abrasive and can permanently smear the lenses stripping away anti-glare or anti-scratch coatings on the glasses.


  1. A bottle of lotion-free dish soap
  2. Two liters of lukewarm water
  3. One cotton swab 
  4. A microfiber cloth


  1. Pour half the water into a bowl and add a few dabs of the lotion-free dishwashing liquid and mix it evenly until it lathers.
  2. Holding the glasses by one frame handle, gently run the glasses through the mixture ensuring all regions completely come in touch with the mixture.
  3. Rinse the glasses by running through the remaining lukewarm water.
  4. Dry the glasses evenly with the microfiber cloth.
  5. You can use the cotton swab to clean out the regions with accumulated dirt, like frame joints and where lenses and the frame meet.
  6. Wipe the glasses frames and lenses dry with the microfiber cloth

Using Bar Keepers Friend 

Bar Keepers Friend is a good cleaner when it comes to dealing with all kinds of stains, from mineral to organic and regardless of the surface. It is not abrasive; however, you should be careful as it may cause some slight irritation with your skin.

 When using Bar Keepers Friend  to get rid of sweat stains on your glasses, you will need:

  1. One part Bar Keepers Friend
  2. Two parts lukewarm water
  3. One cotton swab 
  4. A microfiber cloth


  1. Make a paste solution by mixing one part Bar Keepers friend to two parts lukewarm water
  2. Dampen the glasses frames and rub the solution all over the frames thoroughly. Avoid the lenses as the solution might remove the anti-glare coating.
  3. When done polishing, run the frames through the water and dry using the microfiber cloth.
  4. You can use the cotton swab to clean out any region that will be uncleansed out by the solution.
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Frequently asked questions

Can you use any cloth or tissue to clean glasses frames?

No. This is because using any other cloth that is not 100% cotton can scratch the lenses. Especially when they are dry, tissues, napkins, and paper towels can smear your lenses or leave them full of lint

Can you use household glass surface cleaners for cleaning glasses frames?

No. These products have chemicals that are abrasive and can damage the anti-glare or anti-scratch coating on the glasses frames, leaving them looking dull. Always go for mild, non-toxic cleaners when it comes to your glasses, anything else is a no go zone.

Is exhaling on glasses frames and cleaning with a microfiber cloth Ok?

While many are personally guilty of this, it is both unadvisable and unhygienic because micro-particles in your breath can easily scratch glasses frame and depending on what one has taken, can have an abrasive effect on the lenses ruining them.

Wrapping up

Clean glasses frames correctly to avoid damage, especially to the lenses when it comes to prescription glasses, as this may affect how you see or make the lenses last longer.

It is advisable to store glasses in a protective storage case, as this will mean the glasses frames are less exposed to the environment that may worsen the stains, making them more difficult to get rid of.

Remember when you look good, you feel good as well!

how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames

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