How to remove urine stains from tile

Dog urine is known to stain on any surfaces and generate an undesirable odor. Luckily, if you have tile flooring, it is relatively easier to clean than carpet or fabric surfaces. 

You can easily wipe off the urine on tile surfaces with little effort. There are various ways on how to remove urine stains from tile. Both natural methods and commercial cleaning agents can deal with the urine stains and neutralize the odor to prevent future marking on the site.

Read further to learn methods on how to remove urine stains from tile efficiently. 

Effective methods on how to remove urine stains from tile

Here are four different techniques on how to remove urine stains from tile and proper cleaning. 

  • Fresh urine. If you were able to catch your dog in the act, cleaning the urine right away is the most effective approach. Although it is not always possible to find fresh urine, it allows prompt cleaning before the odor penetrates and adheres to the tile and grout. Simply lay paper towels on the urine and gently blot to absorb it. Avoid rubbing the urine into the tile. 
  • Urine stains on tile flooring. Soak a cloth or towel in white vinegar and lay it on the stain for 10 minutes where it works as an odor neutralizer. Pour a small amount on the grout before positioning the towel or cloth down. The cloth or towel will concentrate the vinegar in place while preventing it from rolling away from the site. After a few minutes, rub the tile down to get rid of any adhesive urine stains that the early blotting did not absorb. Repeat the procedure with hydrogen peroxide to sanitize the stain.
  • Cleaning the surface of the grout. Grout is an issue of concern with urine. The material is somewhat absorbent and old urine will enter via cracks. Prepare a paste with baking soda and water. Dab on the paste on the grout and brush with an old toothbrush until completely clean. Add water and wipe down with a clean towel.
  • Commercial enzymatic agents. The enzymatic cleaners are effective in dealing with stubborn urine stains and odor. The enzymes react with the urine to break it down and chemically process the stain and odor. In most cases, these cleaners often include a citrus component and an efficient last resort for stains that cannot be removed by household products. 
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For most dogs, regular marking behavior is an issue of concern for most owners. Meticulous cleaning can get rid of the odor and lessen the chances of future marking. 

Some of the preventive methods include making the area inaccessible when your dog marks in the same area repeatedly, spaying or neutering to prevent territorial or dominance behaviors, monitoring the behavior as well as bringing your dog outside regularly to encourage urination outdoors.


Can dog pee ruin tile floors

Tiled flooring goes through wear-and-tear conditions which is why it is vital to protect the grout from stains and etching. 

Dog urine might be left on the floor for several hours if you are away or the incident occurs overnight or you did not see it at all. When urine is not cleaned up right away, it can cause permanent staining and damage to the grout. 

Once urine initially touches the flooring, it has a pH level of around 6. As it dries up, the pH level rises to 10 or 12. When it dries, it often changes the color of the surface it was deposited on which is an effect of oxidation and reaction with the tile surface. 

If overlooked and left to dry for long periods, the urine stain becomes permanent and the damage is already irreversible. In such instances, you need professional cleaning services. 

How do you get dog urine smell out of tile

Whether your dog is young or well-trained, urine accidents can still occur. Let us now take a look at the steps on how to remove urine odor from tile flooring.

  • Absorb as much of the urine as possible using paper towels. 
  • Deal with the leftover urine stain and odor by pouring ½ cup of white vinegar over the site. Allow the vinegar to remain on the stain for up to 10 minutes. 
  • Pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda onto the vinegar. Both ingredients will react chemically, resulting in the formation of foam. 
  • Wipe off the baking soda and vinegar once the foaming stops with paper towels. Thoroughly rinse the site with a clean towel or cloth moistened with plain water. 
  • Allow the floor to air dry.
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How long does urine smell last

For pet owners out there, the occasional indoor “accidents” can occur whether you have a puppy or a well-trained adult dog. 

Urine is considered as one of the toughest odors to remove. Even if you have thoroughly removed the urine, the odor might still come back. There are certain reasons why urine odor resurfaces. There might be a component in urine that normal cleaning cannot effectively remove. Regardless of what you do, these deposits do not go away. At certain times, these deposits are reactivated and the urine odor returns. The culprit is no other than humidity. 

Humidity increases the sensitivity of the odor sensors. The more humid a house is, the stronger the urine odor becomes. During summer, the indoor humidity level rises. 

The best way to prevent the urine odor from returning is to look for a product that works by neutralizing the odor so that it will no longer return.

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Final thoughts

When it comes to dog urine stains and odor on tile flooring, it is a cleaning task that every pet owner should tackle. With the methods on how to remove urine stains from tile, it can help you effectively remove both the unsightly stain and odor from your house. 

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