How to Remove Coconut Oil Stains from Clothes

Coconut oil has so many uses that a lot of people are in love with it. If you are one of those people then you probably use it for anything and everything as well. That might be great since coconut oil is a great product but it is also potentially dangerous.

You could spill some of it on your clothes or even on your furniture. That’s a nuisance right there that you would like to resolve right away. So what do you need to do? Read on to find out how to remove coconut oil stains from your clothes.

Steps to Remove Coconut Oil Stains from Clothes

To get coconut oil stains of fabric, start scraping off or blot up excess oil. Fluch the area under cold running water. Then pretreat with a stain remover. Launder with the hottest water possible. Often an even better method is using baking soda.

Coconut oil stains can be annoying, but they won’t leave a permanent mark if you act fast. Time is the most important element in how you respond to coconut oil stains. The quicker you act the better it is for your clothes or whatever material was stained.

How to remove fresh coconut oil stains

This is the process that you need to follow to remove fresh coconut oil stains from your clothes:

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1# Get off excess coconut oil with a towel

Use a towel to help blot out the excess coconut oil. Make sure to use only plain, white towels. The coconut oil will remove dyes from the towels or even from paper towels especially if the quality is poor. The dye is likely not set into the paper or fabric properly.

2# Apply baking soda

Apply baking soda to the coconut oil stain. Make sure that you sprinkle a generous amount of it. Alternatives to baking soda include cornstarch and arrowroot powder.

3# Let the baking soda sit

Just let the baking soda sit on the coconut oil stain for about 10 minutes. You will notice that it is going to turn brown as it slowly soaks up the coconut oil.

4# More baking soda for bad stains

If the stain is very bad then you might need to add more baking soda. Should the coconut oil stain turn brown after a couple of minutes, then you also need to add more baking soda to it. Repeat this until it is taking it nearly 10 minutes to turn brown.

5# Scrape it off

Scrape off the baking soda with the use of a sturdy piece of cardboard or a credit card.

6# Wash on hottest possible setting

Place the clothes in the washer and make sure to use the hottest possible setting. The hot water is going to help melt the oil. 

Dry the clothes normally.

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Common Questions About Coconut Oil Stains

Does Coconut Oil Ruin Clothes?

So you want to know if coconut oil can ruin your clothes if it stains it. The answer is that it is not going to ruin your clothes, especially if you can act fast. And all that means is that you need to act fast once you notice the stain.
The key is to not just to try and wash the clothes in the usual manner. You will have to use the proper detergent before you even wash it. It would also help if you avoid using heat to dry the clothes.
And do not iron it as well. The best option is to simply air dry it after washing.

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Will Coconut Oil Wash Out of Clothes?

It is possible to wash coconut oil out of clothes. Remember to use organic dishwashing liquid over chemical ones. You are then at least guaranteed that there are no toxic materials involved. What you need are dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush.
– Take just a little amount of the dishwashing liquid and apply it to the areas that are stained by the coconut oil.
– You can use a soft brush to rub the coconut oil stain gently. But if you do not have a brush to use, you can use your fingers instead. Another option if you do not have a brush is to fold the fabric and rub the folds together.
– Let it sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. The detergent will fully immerse in the fabric in that span of time.
– Rinse the fabric thoroughly with water.

Will Coconut Oil Stain my Pillow?

If you want to sleep with coconut oil in your hair, you have to be aware that coconut oil will indeed stain your pillow if you leave it on overnight. While it will not completely ruin your pillow, you would then still need to deal with the stain afterward.
One way to make sure that the coconut oil from your hair won’t stain your pillow is by using a towel. Place the towel over the pillow before you lie down on it. Or you can choose to wrap a scarf or some turban-like cloth around your head instead.

Does coconut oil stain?

All types of oil can leave a stain, and that includes coconut oil. If you don’t try to wash it as usual and use proper absorbent and detergent before washing, it should be easy to get the stain out of your clothes, pillows, or sheets.

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Coconut oil does stain fabric and other delicate surfaces. If you have made a mess with coconut oil on your sheet or clothes luckily it is not the most difficult stain to get rid off afterwards. Do act as fast as possible though.


Coconut oil is a popular choice because it has so many uses. Be it in the kitchen, bathroom, and for many different purposes. But it can also cause problems once it leaves a stain on your clothes and other surfaces. So what do you do? First of all, don’t panic. And simply follow the instructions that were talked about above.

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