How to remove rust stains from linoleum

How to remove rust stains from linoleum

Linoleum is a durable material but it is not invulnerable to stains. Generally, you can cleanse most linoleum floors using non-corrosive cleaning agents, mild solvents along with several techniques. Although linoleum has been replaced by synthetic vinyl back in the 1950s, it made a comeback as homeowners prefer natural building materials.

Dealing with rust stains on linoleum

In the kitchen or bathroom that has linoleum flooring, you will discover that most rust stains are likely to occur at the bottom of a cabinet or underneath an appliance. The good news is that you can effectively eliminate these rust stains using a commercial rust remover or a mixture that contains cream of tartar.

  • The first step is to wash the area using a solution of liquid detergent and warm water.
  • The next step is to use a commercial rust remover. Make sure that you will carefully follow the instructions on the label.

As a safer alternative, combine cream of tartar with adequate water to create a paste. Apply the paste onto the rust stain and scrub the area using a towel or cloth. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after removing the rust stain.

Another option is a solution that includes one-part vinegar with two-parts water. Use this solution on the site with the rust stain. Remember that vinegar can make the surface of linoleum dull in appearance so it should be used cautiously. Other cleaning agents that you can use include denatured alcohol, baking soda with water or 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

What you need to know about rust

Once oxygen comes in contact with certain metals over some time, the resulting blemish on the metal is called rust. The metal which is subjected to continuous exposure to oxygen mixes with the oxygen atoms to produce a different compound on the surface of the metal. The substance that forms is called as the oxide of the metal and how it forms is a process known as oxidation. If iron is exposed to atmospheric oxygen, the compound produced is iron oxide.

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How do you get rust stains off the floor?

In most instances, the methods on how to remove rust stains from linoleum should be carried out after thorough cleaning. This will help you distinguish between muck marks and rust stains.
When removing rust stains off the floor, the initial step is to scrub the site with a cloth or towel and a mixture of warm water and a liquid detergent. Thoroughly rinse the site after and allow it to dry.
In case the rust stain lingers on the linoleum floor, the next approach involves using a rust stain remover. When using a commercial cleaning agent for the first time, carefully read the label and protect your hands and face. Rust removers typically include potent chemical agents that must be handled carefully and make sure that the area is properly ventilated. Rinse the site thoroughly after.
If you want a natural approach, you can prepare a rust stain remover at home by combining a tablespoon of cream of tartar with two tablespoons of water to produce a paste-like consistency. Dab this paste on the site of the rust stain, scrub properly and rinse with water.

How do you clean discolored linoleum floors?

For those who have discolored linoleum flooring, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, it can be unsightly to look at. It is important to keep your floor looking their best at all times.
Although linoleum is durable and lasts long, proper maintenance is the key to keeping it clean and fresh. Over time, it will turn yellow, especially after enduring several spills or waxing. While waxing the floor will make them appear shiny and bright, wax can also trap dirt and dust particles. The accumulated layers of wax throughout the years can leave the floor dull looking.
By using any commercial linoleum cleaner or even a homemade cleaner, it can effectively deal with the undesirable yellow discoloration from your linoleum floor. Some of the effective cleaning agents include the following:
– Baking soda and lemon juice
– Bleach and water linoleum cleaner
– Vinegar and water
– Ammonia-based floor cleaner

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Can I use bleach on linoleum floor?

When cleaning linoleum flooring, you can also utilize a cleaning agent that includes bleach. Any powdered cleaning agent that contains bleach is also effective in dealing with marks or stains on the flooring. Simply leave the detergent on the floor for a while so that it will break up the buildup of dirt, stains or marks. Wipe away the cleaning agent from the floor using a damp sponge.

What causes yellow stains on vinyl flooring?

Vinyl linoleum floors often get yellow stains overtime for a mixture of reasons. This can be rust stains, influence from hot water, and general aging. It is possible to prevent the floor from yellowing or at least slow it down with the right care.

Final thoughts

When faced with rust stains on linoleum flooring, you can easily deal with them with the help of the different ways on how to remove rust stains from linoleum that involves a variety of cleaning agents that you can prepare at home or the commercial variants.

How to remove rust stains from linoleum

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